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Bai Fan / Gao Jia / Liu Gengqun / Liu Yanrong / Tong Ziyun / Wang Leqi / Wang Jiaxue / Xie Linghui / Zhang Lijun / Zhang Yan / ZuoZi

When those images which can be re-produced continue to make our eyes overwhelmed, when those flashing LED screens can be seen at any time in our lives, and when landscape pictures from around the world can be downloaded while staying at home, does this world still need us to depict by painting brushes?

However dazzling those re-produced images might be, they remain replica. People will need to experience the world further with their eyes after a fast-food style vidual tour. The life of art comes from the new experience and revelation instead of Schema and material innovation. In the hands of young people today, painting is not only in the critical spirit of popular culture, but also showing no compromise to today’s materialistic culture through multi-leveled and multi-angled reflection.

BLOOMING presents eleven young artists’ new expressions and perspectives. Just like the high-rise towers in the city can not replace people’s attachment to their hometown and desire for beautiful landscape, reproduced images can never replace original works by painting brushes.


  • Blooming in Gallery55

    Blooming in Gallery55