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Bridegroom Xu “Roaring Panda”

55 is delighted to announce that Bridegroom Xu’s second solo show entitled “Roaring Panda” will be held at 55 in Shanghai from Oct. 26 through Nov. 16 this year.

“Roaring Panda” consists of 14 oil works on canvas. Regarding the concept, the artist said: ”For the peace of the world…, so I did it”.

Bridegroom Xu was born in China in 1986. He obtained his B.A. in Painting from Yunnan Academy of Art in 2008.

His recent major exhibitions include: “Art in the City” (chi K11 Museum, Shanghai, 2014); “FK” (solo, 55 Shanghai, 2013); “when she was doing sign language, 1000 sanitary napkins had been sold” (solo project,, 55 Shanghai, 2013); “32 forced memories of OCD patients” (solo project,, 55 Shanghai, 2013); “Art File” (Wansheng Art Museum, Beijing, 2011); “Independent Declaration” (Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2011); “John Moore Art Prize Show” (Gallery of Art, Shanghai, 2010).

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