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CAC 2014 Residency Program

[Press Release]
From May 2013, as the firstnon-profit art organization in China focusing on new media art, CAC becomes one of the partner institutes of “Summer Sessions:Short-term Residency”, an international exchange residency programinitiated by V2 Institute for Unstable Media. “Summer Sessions”proposes opportunities and encourages early-career new mediaartists to make concept come true by professional art practice. Bythe time at the year of 2009, more than 30 world-wide artists haveparticipated in the “Summer Sessions”. The partners of thisproject are all over the world including China, Spain, Canada,Norway and etc.

CAC launched its first residency program”Summer Sessions” in July2013. Johannes Langkamp, a Netherlands artist recommended by V2,developed his work in shanghai for two months (more info please click here and open studio). At the same time, young local artist Weiyi Hurecommended by CAC was the artist in residence at V2 (more info,plz click here).

This year’s program is now calling for application with thebellowing details.

Early career artists under 35 years old and/or graduated no morethan 5 years before the time of applying.
Artist can only apply if one of the partners in the talentdevelopment network is based in their country of residence.

Roughly 8 weeks in the period between June 15th and September 30th2014.

3000 euro including tax, which could be divided as follows:
1000 euro per diem for the artist
1000 euro production budget (equipment, materials, etc., toolsprovided by the Host)
1000 euro for travel and accommodation

Artist commits him/herself to the production of a presentableresidency output.
When finishing a residency the following will be published on :

  1. Title
  2. Artist name
  3. Short description
  4. Photos (at least one)
  5. Video (if available)
  6. URL to project page on host institute website


  1. Create a 2 minute video explaining your project.

2.  Upload your video to a service likeYoutube or Vimeo. Note that on Youtube you can make the video’unlisted’ so it can not be found without knowing the URL. On Vimeoyou can set a password.
3. Come back to and select yourcountry of residence.
4. Fill out the online application form (alsoindicate on the form who their potential sponsor is).


  1. April 30th 2014, application deadline
  2. May 10th 2014, pre-selection
  3. May 20th 2014, final selection

All publications about this project must include credits as follows:
This project was realized as part of the Summer Sessions TalentDevelopment Network and is a co-production of and.

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