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CAC——LECTURE: Synesthesia And Contemporary Audiovisual Art

TIME: 5th July, 2014, 14:00-16:00
VENUE: Chronus Art Center (Bldg.18, Moganshan Rd. Shanghai)

Free for admission. Please make reservation via indicate your real name, contact information, the number of reservation.)

About Lecture:
Synesthesia is phenomenon in which stimulation of multiply cognitive sensory connect and affect. It has been attracted much attention by philosophers and artist which has been the core of the research or inspired their art works. Philosophers and scientists keep exploring the relationship between visual and auditory sense, meanwhile artists are reacting to this trend with the creation of art works.

Based on Synethesia, the lecture will briefly generalize audiovisual art within modern art and discuss the contemporary conditions and the future of audiovisual art. The lecture try to find out the threads of the audiovisual art in aesthetics and its technology development by the review of early abstract films, kinetic art, optical art, video art and electronic music.

About Artist:
Yin Yi is an Experimental musician, Sound artist, Phonographer, Curator. The music practice mainly focuses on  laptop music performance and soundscape based on phonography in recent years. Conceptual sound works of Yin Yi usually center around two issues: listening awareness and the difference between vision/light and audition/sound. In the past two years, Yin Yi has paid close attention to the artistic ecology of the experimental music and sound art in China, his recent curate activity including “2013 SAVAKA: Asia Experimental Music Currents” with Rockbund Art Museum.

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