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am space
2015.05.07 Thu - 2015.06.12 Fri
Opening Exhibition
05/06/2015 18:00
1C, Kingearn Building, 24-26 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong Central District, Hong Kong
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Chum: A solo exhibition by TANG Kwok Hin
[Press Release]

am space present

Chum: A solo exhibition by TANG Kwok Hin

May 7 – Jun 12, 2015

Artist Talk | 5pm – 6pm, May 6, 2015

Opening Reception | 6pm – 8pm, May 6, 2015

From the hairdresser and the shop decoration, to the body postures to fit in the setting, he is so familiar with this the barber shop in his neighborhood. Every visit is an exploration that his imagination escapes with shampoo bubbles, “By seeing and listening, I realized there’s a lake inside my ear that takes me to somewhere else…”

TANG Kwok Hin frequently visits the barber shop yet he feels distant. Such experience is associated with other occupations which offer extremely intimate services by a stranger, like masseur, tailor, hairdresser, etc. In a civilized world full of information, there is nothing entirely new to us. Vignettes of imagery have gathered to form an unusual situation by our overwhelming senses. Pieces of memory gently flash back in mind to recollect our daily habits, values, faiths or beliefs.

TANG admitted that he has been creating only one body of art throughout his creative practice. His daily encounter offers him a chance for self-reflection and so does his experience in the barber shop. Ready-made objects such as scissors, hair roller, washing basin, plastic basket and mirror will be presented in this emotionally ambiguous situation at am space. “Chum” is also the inaugural exhibition of the gallery’s annual project.

This year, am space presents “Object Project” curated by TAM Wai Ping, Lukas. Some artists whose creative practices are associated with “object” are invited to join the discussion around object in philosophical, material and everyday aspects. TAM addresses, “TANG’s oeuvres focus on extracting elements in daily life and constructing situations through collage. He attempts to create a world of non-daily-life possibilities out of the relationships between object and time, and space, and people, and traces.”