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OV Gallery
2014.02.22 Sat - 2014.03.26 Wed
Opening Exhibition
02/22/2014 17:00
Room 207, Building 4A 50 Moganshan Lu Shanghai, China 200020
+86 139 1637 3474
Opening Hours
Tuesday-Sunday 10:30am - 6pm
Rebecca Catching

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Crabs and Chocolate : Li Xiaofei Solo Show
[Press Release]

[Press Release]

“Crabs and Chocolate” is the latest iteration in Li Xiaofei’s “Assembly Line,” project. “Assembly line began in 2010, and in his investigation of the industrial, Li has visited hundreds of factories in the Yangtze River Delta Region. The show will feature a few of these works—a mesmerizing textile factory, and some intimate close-ups of workers Guangzhou.

Li Xiaofei,

Li Xiaofei, “Assembly Line – No.18,” video, 2013,李消非,“流水线-No.18,” 录像, 2014

Continuing this project in 2013, he visited Stockholm and Wellington as part of a residency program. His explorations took him to opposite corners of the world: to the Arctic Circle in Kirkenes, Norway and then all the way to Bluff, New Zealand (on the southern most tip of the South Island). In this seemingly idyllic landscape he sought out a cigarette factory, a chocolate factory and light switch manufacturer. While in Norway he continued his investigations of this theme visiting a king crab fishing operation and a hydro power plant on the border between Norway and Russia.

Li Xiaofei,

Li Xiaofei, “Assembly Line – No.30,” video, 2013,李消非,“流水线-No.30,” 录像, 2014

The footage he gathered tells stories immigration, resource depletion and sustainable development. At the same time, he presents scenes of natural beauty and everyday life which ask deep questions about the kind of environments we create for ourselves and the quality of life they provide us. As we lose ourselves in the spectacular scenery of the South Island’s Lake Pukaki, the potential costs of rapid industrialization come sharply into focus.

OV would like to thank CP Denmark Aps and WTI Group for their generous sponsorship of audiovisual equipment.

Li Xiaofei,

Li Xiaofei, “Assembly Line – No.30,” video, 2013,李消非,“流水线-No.30,” 录像, 2014