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Drawing and What

This exhibition presents various forms of drawings and sketches: plan drawings, design drawings, graphic drawings, digital drawings, mixed media drawings, life drawings, geometric drawings and illustrations.

The drawings are created with a wide range of resourceful tools: charcoal, chalks, pen and ink, pastels, colored crayons, graphite point, gravers, etching needles, wax crayons, markers, graphite sticks, graphic tablets, Photoshop tools, Sketchup tools etc.

Drawings are drawn on paper, cards, wooden boards, canvas, on LCD screens, photos, leather, plastic, glass and metal sheets.

“Drawing and What” explores many inspired methods as well as probing our own understanding of the art of drawing.

artists featured:

Ba Da
Dai Guangyu
Roland Darjes
Christophe Demaitre
Chris Gill
Kathryn Gohmert
Gu Qingwen
Christin Kalweit
Li Rui
Liu Bo
Zane Mellupe
Alexandre Ouairy
Shao Shao
Shen Lin
Wang Xiangdong
Wang Xiaofeng
Xu Yihan
Zhu Ye

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