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55 is delighted to announce that Li Binyuan’s solo show entitled “Exercises # 47 Minutes” will be held at 55 in Shanghai this November.

“Exercises # 47 Minutes” is a single channel video work achieved accidentally at the artist’s home town recently. The video work recorded the artist blowing the bamboo afar following the direction of the wind for 47 minutes, completing an impromptu rehearsal with nature in the wishful thinking.

Li Binyuan was born in China in 1985. He obtained a B.A. in Sculpture from Central Academy of Art in Beijing in 2011.

His recent major exhibitions include: “Who’s Dreams” (Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2014, solo); “Reservoir Dogs” (ACTION SPACE, Beijing, 2014, solo); “I have Issues” (Gallery Yang, Beijing, 2013, solo);”The spring of a dirty gutter” (, Shanghai, 2013, solo); “Deathless Love” (, Shanghai, 2013); “Small Leap” (PSA, Shanghai, 2014); “POLYPHONY” (AMNUA-CN, Nanjing, 2014); “The 8 Paths” (Uferhallen, Berlin, 2014); “Any rugged stuff will vanish”, (Kabuso Art Museum, Bergen, Norway, 2013); “Crossroads•Another Dimension” (He Xiangning Art Museum/ Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts/Macao Museum of Art/ Hong Kong City Hall, 2013); “FUCK OFF 2″ (Groninger Museum, Netherlands, 2013); “Busan Flower Village International Nature Arts Festival (Busan, Korea, 2012); “Representation of Realistic Art” (The Fifth Chengdu Biennale, China, 2011).

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