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2016.05.28 Sat - 2016.07.10 Sun
Opening Exhibition
上海市徐汇区龙腾大道在地图中查看2555-11号 Building D, 2555 Longtengdadao, Xuhui District, Shanghai
+86 21 5596 7071
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Fab-Union Space Opening: Lover | Hu Zi Solo Exhibition
[Press Release]

FAB-UNION SPACE in collaboration with Don Gallery co-host the solo show of Hu Zi which is curated by Robin Peckham. 40 recent works of gouache on paper and oil on wood-board will be on display, all from the last one and half years. They are composed of a group of portraits that continue her ongoing historical and social network-making, a set of smaller pieces that break down the components of the body, and the more conceptual series “Lover”. These groups of work are independent while interconnected and resoluble, stand up to closer reading.


“Lover” is a rich network of layered allusions that draws on both of these categories and builds narratives across them. In its own way, to this overarching project, a framework that becomes known to the artist only slowly and over time. Hu Zi’s concept of the “Lover” is simultaneously romantic, sexual, maternal, fraternal, platonic. In the group of works revolving around the body, all of this identity fades away, and we are left with something more primal, less sanitized, more felt and less remembered or fantasized. Alongside several pairs of portraits and body with source images and handling of the figures behind the pictures, in the most moving group of works in this project—and the most out of character— Hu Zi looks further back in art history, settling on the subject of the Pieta. She focuses in on details of the work and treats the sculpture in a meaty coloration that suggests an interest in the flesh as much as the soul.

Hu Zi’s exhibition reads as a train of thought: we see transitions from classicism to bohemia to contemporary Shanghai, from gouache to oil, from portraits at life size to fragments of the body on diminutive slips of paper. This progression of images tells a story, drawing a core sample through the mind of an artist who seems to work alongside us and yet live somewhere else entirely.


Ass, HU Zi, 2015. Gouache on paper, 28 X 41.3 cm

Hu Zi wrote:”In Greek mythology, Eros fell for Psyche, the embodiment of soul. Pieta tormented Michelangelo in art and belief, faith in freedom led Elizabeth I to conquest, Oscar Wilde’s primal desire under the purple velvet, Camille’s talent enslaved by her love, Schiele painted true lust and innocence, overdosed Sid (Vicious) and self-destructive Ian (Curtis), Tracey Emin produces honesty and solitary, Keith Richards’s indomitable voice still lives on in guitar, Sexy Blue’s bassist and lead vocal’s Pain Dream. The most touching moment of art is when you tear open the hidden desire and cruelty of humanity, facing the self. Love and faith are almost the same being alone, on the road.


Edward Scissorhands, HU Zi, 2015. Gouache on paper, 55.5 X 46 cm

Hu Zi was born in 1981, and graduated with a master’s degree from The Department of Comprehensive Painting of China Academy of Art in 2007. Now she lives and works in Shanghai. Hu Zi is the selected artist of 2014 Glenfiddich Artisit in Residency Programme, she has 4 solo exhibitions: Flesh, Don Gallery, Shanghai, 2014; Kids, Don Gallery, Shanghai, 2014; Pain, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, 2012; Role, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, 2008. In 2007, Hu Zi participated an important group exhibition of Shanghai Art Museum, Infantization (Travelling Exhibition), this exhibition travels to Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon (France) and Art Basel Dreispitzhalle (Switzerland) in 2010.

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