EX: 1/30/2012
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99 Art Center Fine Arts College Of Shanghai University
2013.06.29 Sat - 2013.07.07 Sun
Opening Exhibition
06/29/2013 14:00
Floor 1,Building 6, No.50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai
021-6613 3892
Opening Hours

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Fantasy is not a Dream
[Press Release]

Press Release

Hu shunxiang once studied in the oil painting department of Sichuan academy of fine arts, her works at school time have traces of influence from various persons. It is rare for any student to be able to produce so many paintings within four years of study, like she did. From which, her uniqueness of painting feelings can be told, judging from the traces the brushes had swept, from the texture stirred on the canvas, from the sudden changes over the bodies, and from the reckless laydown of strong colors. Such self training originated from her nature lay the foundation of her series creation later. Among which the uncommonness towards creation deserves more focus.

Among girls of her age, few of them are under the influence of existentialism, which seems to be the remnant of last generation. In an economy of outburst and the consequent consumer society, most of the younger generations say no to the philosophe, and are in lack poetic sense. They seek in the public images reasons for exchanges of interests, and accept only the consciousness which serves such kind of interests exchanges. It is hard for us to judge if they are wrong, but we only wish that among all followers, there can exist someone who won’t drift easily. Hu Shunxiang can be counted as such an existence. She favors Kundera’s novel, Beckett’s play, and give her high honor to Beuys’ absurd deed as explaining painting to a dead rabbit. Through such a process of learning, it provides a certain emotional grounds to help her walk out of individual loneliness and towards absurdity in life.  (Excerpt from Let the uncommon fantasy immerse into life by Wang Lin)