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Shanghai World Financial Center(SWFC)
2013.10.25 Fri - 2013.11.10 Sun
Opening Exhibition
10/25/2013 18:30
No.100, Century Ave., Pudong New Area, Shanghai China (上海市浦东新区世纪大道100号)
Opening Hours

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FILTER THE PUBLIC:SWFC 5th Anniversary Art Project
[Press Release]

Press Release:


SWFC 5th Anniversary Art Project

Duration: 2013.10.25 Fri. – 11.10 Sun.

Opening Reception: 2013.10.25 fri. 18:30–21:00

Project Director: 鸟本健太 Kenta Torimoto, 李力 Lise Li

We are pleased to announce “FILTER THE PUBLIC” as the large-scale art project to commemorate the SWFC 5th Anniversary.

As one of the most iconic landmarks in Shanghai, the prominence of SWFC does not only dwell within its horizontal space but yet include its unique design and height of 492 meters. The area of the exhibition will not only cover the public space, both indoor and outdoor, but also includes the SWFC tower itself as an art museum with its beauty of being an art piece.
Through art, people can realize more about things around themselves. Public art is a friendly approach which allows the space to have conversation with people.

Artists representing Shanghai, leading curators, and galleries will create their art shows under the same inspiration of Shanghai and Lujiazui area. To celebrate our anniversary, please welcome the new challenge of possibilities and the role of art in public space. SWFC is opening up a new dimension of art.

SWFC LED Urban Sculpture Project
18:00-23:00 Building Exterior LED Lights

Light up Shanghai’s skyscraper with three masterpieces from three artists on the SWFC LED screen-tower. We would like to celebrate the anniversary of this building on its LED projection in the town. Three artists are invited to create their LED art by using SWFC tower as the medium to display their stories. You are also invited to join and be a part of the show for the whole 17 nights in Shanghai.

丁乙 Ding Yi 10.25–10.29 18:00 -23:00

Titled “Infinity”, the work appears in the midst of the dense social and economic tissue that makes up the heart of Shanghai City. LED Light streams rapidly spread, intersect, expand and evolve above the moving stage. The endless changes born out of crosses, together with the sense of speed created by acceleration of switches on color and flashing frequency, compose an abstract inverted image of the city.

Greenhouse Core
10.30–11. 3 18:00 -23:00


Occasionally one’s skin can be changed to blend in and seem invisible against the surrounding environment. For this special occasion, SWFC will signal its physical and virtual appearance as it has never been done before.

For SWFC’s Fifth Anniversary we want to celebrate this landmark as the iconic feature of Shanghai’s Contemporary skyline, highlighting its great presence with a site-specific installation of color kinetics. UNMIMETIC DAYS also offers an invitation for the public to participate in an adventure and reveal and experience a new perspective of SWFC’s character through Augmented Reality.

Check detailed information at www.swfc-shanghai.com and check our Weibo weibo.com/swfcshanghai page.

南孝俊 Nam HyoJun 11. 4–11.10 18:00 -23:00

10,000 faces over the rainbow

Images of 10,000 SWFC visitors will be taken, transformed into Nam HyoJun’s “Filtered Portrait” style, and projected on the LED surface of the building. Faces of SWFC visitors will be shown as a part of the building for 12 second. Everyone will have an equal chance of being transformed and being a part of an abstract art piece. In this only time everyone will be famous for 12 second.

Limited shooting of 10,000 faces of people! From 21st October – 6th November 11:00–18:00

1. Go to SWFC 2F event circle and shoot your portrait at the special photo booth.

2. After shooting, you can get your image ID.

3. Follow SWFC official WeChat.

4. Your portrait will be displayed 12 seconds on SWFC Building Exterior LED Lights during 4th Nov – 10th Nov (only once).

*The display schedule will be informed through SWFC official WeChat.

Shanghai Galleries Selection 2013 & Curators Projects

A collection of art shows are selected by 13 leading galleries and the 4 well-known curators in Shanghai. The exhibition would represent different variety of interpretations among each art icons toward the concept of “Today”.

艺术+上海画廊 Art+ Shanghai Gallery
周围艺术画廊 AroundSpace Gallery
比極影像 Beaugeste photo gallery
东画廊 Don Gallery
科恩画廊 James Cohan Gallery
M97画廊 M97 gallery OV Gallery
OV画廊 OV Gallery
艺术门 Pearl Lam Galleries
沪申画廊 Shanghai Gallery of Art
香格纳画廊 ShanghART Gallery
Vanguard画廊 Vanguard Gallery

Spots Curators: Leo Xu, Li Ningchun, Mathieu Borysevicz, Weng ZhiJuan
Special Projects: Bi RongRong, Double Fly Art Center, Xiao Ke x Zi Han

SWFC Art Talk
SWFC 2F Event Circle 11.3 sun. 11:00 -15:30

The art talks for the public. We invite artists, curators and people involved in art industry to join the discussion in the public.

1. 相聚于空:诗与诗的对话 Gather with Emptiness: Self-made poetry dialogs

主讲人/Presenter: 詹姆斯·坎特雷 James R. Cantre Morales (诗人/Poet)

对话主持者/Moderator: 泼先生 Pulsasir (艺术家/Artist)

2. 华容道历险:文学与世界的可能 Hua Rong Dao’s adventure : the possibility of the literature and the world
13:00 – 14:00
主讲人/Presenter: 朱琺 Zhu Fa (文学家/Writer)

对话主持者/Moderator: 泼先生 Pulsasir (艺术家/Artist)

3. 城市公共空间与现代艺术的关系性 The relationship of urban public space & contemporary art.

南条史生 Fumio Nanjo (日本森美术馆馆长 The director of the Mori Art Museum)
丁乙 Ding Yi (艺术家 Artist)
李振华 Li Zhenhua (媒体艺术家 Media artist / 策展人 Curator)
双飞艺术中心 DOUBLE FLY ART CENTER (艺术团队 / Artist Group)

艺术家 Artists:
毕蓉蓉 Bi Rongrong / 布鲁诺巴贝 Bruno Barbey / 陈航峰 Chen Hangfeng x BUILD Lab. / 陈墙 Chen Qiang / 程然 Cheng Ran / Delphine de Blic / 丁乙 Ding Yi / 双飞艺术中心 Double Fly Art Center / 边亦中 Ed Pien / 弗朗切斯科·克莱门特 Francesco Clemente / Gabriel Lester / Greenhouse Core / 詹姆斯·伯伦 James H. Bollen / Jennifer Douzenel / 姜国哲 Jiang Guozhe / 蒋鹏奕 Jiang Pengy / 蒋志 Jiang Zhi / 雷虹 Lei Hong / 梁彬彬 Lian Binbin / 刘非 Liu Fei / 刘唯艰 Liu Weijian / 劉真辰 Liu Zhenchen / 李消非 Li Xiaofei / 李文光 Li Wenguang / 李振华 Li Zhenhua / 卢佳炜 Lu Jiawei / Luis Bezeta / 陆新建 Lu Xinjian / 马大哈 Ma Daha / Marc Lafia with MABSOCIETY / 马克·斯特兰德 Mark Strand / Michael Wolf / Monika Lin / 木巾 Mu Jin / 南孝俊 Nam HyoJun / 政治纯形式办公室 Polit-Sheer-Form Office / 泼先生 Pulsasir / 曲艺 Qu Yi / 理查德·朗 Richard Long / 邵译农&慕辰 Shao Yinong & Mu Chen / 吴观麟 Tonny Ng / 王冬龄 Wang Dongling / 王青 Wang Qing / 王燮达 Wang Xieda / 魏立刚 Wei Ligang / 翁志娟 Weng ZhiJuan / 吴鼎 Wu Ding / 吴高钟 Wu Gaozhong / 小珂×子涵 Xiao Ke x Zi Han / 夏弢 Xia Tao / 玄卿 Xuan Qing / 徐震 (没顶公司出品)Xu Zhen (MadeIn Company Produce) / 婴野赋 Ying Yefu / 岳路平 Yue Luping / 郑路 Zheng Lu / 张如怡 Zhang Ruyi

独立项目策展人 Spots Curators:
许宇 Leo Xu / 黎宁春 Li Ningchun / Mathieu Borysevicz / 翁志娟 Weng ZhiJuan

画廊 Galleries:
艾可画廊 AIKE-DELLARCO / 艺术+上海画廊 Art+ Shanghai Gallery / ART LABOR画廊 ART LABOR Gallery / 周围艺术画廊 AroundSpace Gallery / 比極影像 Beaugeste photo gallery / 东画廊 Don Gallery / 科恩画廊 James Cohan Gallery / M97画廊 M97 gallery / OV画廊 OV Gallery / 艺 术门 Pearl Lam Galleries / 沪申画廊 Shanghai Gallery of Art / 香格纳画廊 ShanghART Gallery / Vanguard画廊 Vanguard Gallery

主办 Organizer:上海环球金融中心有限公司 Shanghai World Financial Center Co.,Ltd.

媒体支持 Media Sponsor: 艺术当代 ArtChina, ARTLINKART
空间设计 Space Design: 上海比悠徳建築設計 BUILD Lab.

联系: 森大厦(上海)有限公司 上海市浦东新区世纪大道 100号 200120

Contact: Mori Building China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
No.100, Century Ave., Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Tel. 86-3867-2277