EX: 1/30/2012
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Naco Gallery Shanghai 纳索画廊
2013.06.06 Thu - 2013.06.06 Thu
Opening Exhibition
06/06/2013 18:30
中国 上海 建国西路619弄19号 number 19, lane 619,Jian Guo Xi Rd Shanghai - CHINA
0086 21 6137 3437
Opening Hours
Mathilde Fourreau

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[Press Release]

Press Release


Fragment is part of a whole.

Fascinated by maps and especially the different ways to read them depending on the graphic language used, it was evident to me, since I live in Beijing, to talk about China.

To conceive a lecture of this country, egg shell was for me the perfect material in order to work on details and accuracy and therefore accentuate the point of view that I want to share.Egg Shell is also one of the decorative elements commonly used with Chinese lacquer since the 3rd century; I like the idea of maintaining this craft heritage.

The various colors of eggs we can find in Chinese markets give me even more possibilities of visual (or graphic) expression. Chinese territory then becomes a patchwork of egg shells; a precise fragmentation of the compact density of Chinese population. Paradoxically, this fragmentation evokes a scattering of population that refers to a break: the explosion of family cells due to rural exodus. Re-assembled, this egg shells represent a new homogeneity: reunited fragments to evoke different themes link to Chinese culture and legacy.

Through “Fragment#”, I offer 7 illustrations of the country, number 7 symbolizes “Unity” in China, each of identical elements that wakes a whole.


Gwen BIO

Born in Paris in november 27th 1973.

Before creating her furniture designing company Gcdk De Sign in 2004, Gwen worked 8 years in the broadcasting industry, in a documentary production firm, as a product administrator, writing scenarios and directing documentary movies.

While she feels the need to change professional life, eager to follow craftsmanship, she jumps into professional art and craft studies, between 2000 and 2004 (wood and marble imitation in decorative painting, night classes in art history at l’Ecole du Louvre, initiation to lacquer and initiation to Wood techniques)

In April 2005, Gwen opens her studio in Paris.

She initially focuses her scope of work on old furniture, with a large interest in its possibility to mix the history with contemporary lines. Using old pieces of furniture from the 20’s to the 60’s discovered in second-hand, she gets inspired by the lines until she manages to interact with the shapes while questioning it’s function. The piece then becomes Object.

The furniture is fed with materials such as eggshells, skinfish, gold leaves, silk. She re-thinks and gives a second life to the Object in order to create unique pieces.

Since 2008, Gcdk De Sign continues it’s way in China, crossing identities between antiquity and modernity. Gwen combines therefore Chinese and French cultural heritage in her new creations.

Gcdk De.Sign, is also the realization of pictures representing “Maps of China” a take on Chinese heritage and symbolism.

I’ve always been fascinated by maps and especially in reading them differently depending on the graphic chosen. To talk about China, it was an evident to me to use eggshells, it allows details and being precise on the point of view that I want to talk about.”

Gcdk De Sign is a work of art witch mixes precious craftsmanship and multicultural heritage.