EX: 1/30/2012
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上海摄影艺术中心 Shanghai Center of Photography (SCôP)
2015.09.06 Sun - 2015.11.30 Mon
Opening Exhibition
08/06/2015 10:30
上海徐汇区西岸艺术中心龙腾大道2555号(丰谷路) No. 2555-1 Longteng Avenue, by Fenggu Lu, in front of West Bund Art Center, Xuhui, Shanghai.
+86 (21) 6428 9516
Opening Hours
Liu Heung Shing

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Grain to Pixel: A Story of Photography in China
[Press Release]

Shanghai Center of Photography (SCôP) presents:

“Grain to Pixel: A Story of Photography in China”

“Grain” to “pixel” describes an arc of time stretching back almost one hundred years and that marks a period in which photography entered China as a phenomenon and was transformed. Ordinary people today consume a multitude of images daily. Photographic images have an exclusive monopoly on communicating creativity, artistic expression and the experiences of culture, but the embrace of photography in general is an extraordinary phenomenon in China.

Does this account for the diversity of content, style and technique of which photography’s transformation in China is comprised? “Grain to Pixel: A Story of Photography in China” is a survey of works from 70 Chinese photographers that maps the pulse of its creative energy in China: A fashionable Chinese woman cycling pass Tiananmen exalts the new energy of a resurging People’s Republic; a melancholy portrait of a young couple waiting by a pier captures the melancholy of departure, the anxiety at moving to an unfamiliar city to start a new life; vintage photographs from John Thompson, Lang Jingshan and Zhuang Xueben provide hints of the earliest foreign and homegrown visions of life in China; patriots like Wu Yinxian, Sha Fei, Jiang Shaowu and Weng Naiqiang gave the PRC some of its most memorable propaganda; social documentary from the 1980s onwards from photographers like Lv Nan, Zhang Hai’er, Han Lei and Li Qiang tackled new situations encountered by a society rocked by economic change; Wang Qingsong to Chen Man to Maleonn illustrate how art and internationalization, China’s new age of connectedness to the global village is driving photography in myriad contemporary directions.

“Grain to Pixel” was conceived by Liu Heung Shing and is curated by Karen Smith, who brings expertise accrued through 25 years of observing art and photography in China and explaining it to both domestic and international audiences. Xu Jianing, an expert on the history of photography in China, has contributed to the exhibition catalogue on the pre-1949 Chinese photography.

“Grain to Pixel: A Story of Photography in China” list of artists (alphabetical order)

Adou / Birdhead / CAI Shangxiong / CHEN Man / CHI Lei (Chili) / DI Jinjun / DU Xiuxian / FENG Hai / FENG Yan / GENG Jianyi / HAI Bo / HAN Lei / HONG Lei / HUANG Xiaoliang / JIANG Jian / JIANG Pengyi / JIANG Shaowu / JIANG Zhi / KAN Xuan / LANG Jingshan / LI Jiahao / LI Lang / LI Nan / LI Qiang / LI Zhensheng / LIN Ran / LIU Heung Shing / LIU Zheng / LU Yuanmin / LUO Dan / LUO Yongjin / LV Nan / MALEONN / MUGE / PENG Xiangjie / Rong Rong / SHA Fei / SONG Chao / SUN Yanchu / TACA / WANG Jinsong / WANG Ningde / WANG Qingsong / WANG Shilong / WENG Naiqiang / WU Shankun / WU Yinxian / XIAO Zhuang / XING Danwen / YANG Fudong / YANG Yong / YANG Yongliang / YAO Lu / YIN Fukang / ZHANG Dali / ZHANG Haier / ZHANG Hui / ZHANG Wei / ZHANG Xiao / ZHANG Yaxin / ZHENG Guogu / ZHU Qian / ZHUANG Xueben

A fully illustrated catalogue will be published to commemorate this major survey exhibition.