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“Hello, my name is ZAKA. I am not going to come affront. I would like to find a gallery to be my agent, as an anonymous artist with attached works and proposals. Are you interested? ”

It has been one year and half from the first time we received the email from ZAKA, the anonymous artist. We as his gallery started to help him take care of all kinds of trivia. With this refreshing approach and yet uncertainties, we began this more than a year email communication and continuous observation of his work, hoping that there would be an opportunity for him to shine.

September 7, 2012, the DonGallery will be very honored to give out ZAKA, the mysterious artist, to unveil his first solo exhibition Halo.

The exhibition will showcase new works, including the element named Spectrum and a series of installations and sculptures that audiences can play with by following the instructions. In this exhibition, each color represents the element that corresponds to the color sequence in the spectrum. The artist is to convey a visual understanding of the physical concepts and at the same time to explore the possibility to create upon the traditional visual arts.

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