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Hong Kong Arts Center (香港艺术中心)
2016.03.20 Sun - 2016.04.10 Sun
Opening Exhibition
2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 香港湾仔港湾路2号
Tel No: (852) 2582 0200 Fax: 2802 0798 General Enquires: (852) 2582 0200 Lost & Found: (852) 2582 0242
Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday 8:00am – 11:00pm
Closed on the first three days of the Lunar New Year
Closed when a Typhoon Signal No.8 or higher is hoisted
Ms. Connie Lam 林淑仪

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Exhibition Information

Guest Curator: Fumio Nanjo, Roger McDonald

Featured collectors: Keita Arisawa, Daisuke Miyatsu, Yoshiko Mori, Takeo Obayashi, Atom Suematsu, Ryutaro Takahashi, Seiichi Yoshino

Date: 20 March–10 April 2016,


Venue: Pao Galleries and G/F Lobby, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Free Admission
Presenter: Hong Kong Arts Centre

Major Sponsor: Citi Private Bank
Printing Sponsor: Asia One Communications Group
TV Support: Sony Corporation of HK Ltd.
Catering Sponsor: Dynamic Network Alliances Ltd
Sponsor: Sogo Hong Kong Co. Ltd.

【Hong Kong Arts Centre】will present the 4th Annual Collectors’ Contemporary Collaboration (CCC) which will take place from 20 March 2016 to 10 April 2016 at the HKAC’s Pao Galleries, examining the role and contributions of private collectors to the development of Asian art scenes. Celebrating its 4th edition in 2016, HKAC has invited Fumio Nanjo and Roger McDonald as the guest curators and turn our eyes on Japanese collectors, a group whose interest in art is not diverse, but also deep in focus. With this exhibition, CCC will present the diverse collections of Keita Arisawa, Daisuke Miyatsu, Yoshiko Mori, Takeo Obayashi, Atom Suematsu, Ryutaro Takahashi, Seiichi Yoshino, and share the insight of Japanese contemporary collections.

All the participating collectors are the most representive Japanese contemporary art collectors, playing crucial roles in the development of the Japanese contemporary art scene not only because of their collection, but also through their committed effort in promoting and developing Japanese contemporary art.

n Mr. Seiichi Yoshino concentrates on collecting artworks by young Japanese contemporary artist, striving to promote young Japanese artists by providing them opportunities to show their art and reach out to wider audiences at his non-profit gallery. Some of these young artists have even become art masters.

n Mr. Ryutaro Takahashi, one of the biggest collectors of Japanese contemporary art, has collected Japanese modern and contemporary arts as well as international art, and by constantly lending his collection (Takahashi Collection) to local and overseas museums, he wants to promote Japanese contemporary art abroad.

n Mr. Takeo Obayashi has been deeply interested in commissioning Japanese and international artists. Obayashi Corporation also has the largest and best corporate art collection in Japan today, a number of large-scale works are installed on the company premises.

n Mr. Keita Arisawa is passionate about photography and collects works by Japanese and international photographers extensively. He also sponsors the publication of photography magazines and takes an active role in supporting the development of young photographers and the promotion of photography in Japan.

n Mr. Atom Suematsu, whose collection is known for its in-depth collection of photography, is interested in exploring unique artistic expression, and runs a non-profit alternative space to introduce contemporary artists and exhibitions.

n Mr. Daisuke Miyatsu is well-known as the “salaryman collector”. The exhibition will showcase mainly his collection of video works by young Asian artists, including Kwan Sheung-chi from Hong Kong.

n Mrs. Yoshiko Mori, the founder of the Mori Arts Museum in Tokyo, focusing on Japanese contemporary art and support emerging Japanese artists..

Through the diversified artworks showcased in the 4th Annual Collectors’ Contemporary Collaboration, including photography, sculptures, paintings, installation and videos, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese contemporary art, reflecting the artists’ view on society at the same time. Among all the art forms, photography also plays a particularly distinctive role in the development of Japanese contemporary art. The photography collections showcased in the exhibition will also offer audiences an opportunity to understand Japanese contemporary photography.

Art pieces by internationally renowned Japanese artists, including Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Tatsuo Miyajima and some of the other famous artists will be featured in the exhibition, along with the Sino-Japanese husband-wife team of Rong Rong & Inri, who recently received the Outstanding Contribution to Photography prize at the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards.

Besides each collector’s individual aesthetic tastes, this exhibition can be understood from a different perspective according to the curatorial direction by two guest curators, who offer four thematic headings as guidelines in viewing the exhibition: “Mirrors of Reality”, “Dialogues with the Past”, “Identity Reawakened”, and “Shadows and Dreams”. We hope audiences can enjoy the larger story generated by two guest curators, and generate wider understanding of the 4th CCC.