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HUANG RUI: Space Structure(1983 – 1986)

A series of Huang Rui’s important early works dating from the era of 1983-1986 will be shown for the first time in Hong Kong. These early abstract works represent a new framing of reality for contemporary China, one that becomes free from the expressions of socialist realism, which controlled art under Maoist China. They are now being re-examined as significant examples of contemporary art deeply rooted in Chinese philosophies and structures setting Huang Rui apart from art of that era

Huang Rui is a pivotal figure in the early movements of Chinese contemporary art being regarded as one of the main protagonists in the Stars Group and Exhibition of 1979, considered China’s first avant-garde art movement in the post-Mao era. Huang Rui’s early works in abstraction from the 1980s, rooted in Chinese philosophies, are now being reexamined as an important chapter in Chinese contemporary art history and are being shown for the first time in Hong Kong.

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