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OV Gallery
2013.08.10 Sat - 2013.09.11 Wed
Opening Exhibition
08/10/2013 16:00
Room 207, Building 4A 50 Moganshan Lu Shanghai, China 200020
+86 139 1637 3474
Opening Hours
Tuesday-Sunday 10:30am - 6pm
Rebecca Catching

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I’ll Be Your Mirror
[Press Release]

[Press Release]
August 10-September 11, 2013
Opening: Saturday, August 10, 4-7pmAugust 10-September 11, 2013

Opening: Saturday, August 10, 4-7pm

Inspired by the Velvet underground song of the same name, this show explores issues of self-perception; how we see ourselves, how others see us and how we want others to see us.

Adrian Wong and David Boyce present a series of unconventional “commercial” family photographs which explore the concept of “face”; Wang Taocheng creates a series of layered portraits that depict the multiple sides of an individual and Chen Cheng uses a pastiche of human, organic and corporeal imagery to present a depiction of the self in various dimensions. Meanwhile Shi Jing conjures up the idea of dimensions in a more physical sense with a series of portraits, which reveal two very different countenances of the subject depending up on the angle of the light.

David Boyce and Adrian Wong, “Affective Portraits: Gutierrez Family,” uniquely framed archival print, 5ed + 2AP, 150 x 225 cm, 2011
卜以思和王浩然“情感肖像:古铁雷斯家庭,” 根据作品特别定制的框,影像保存处理,150 x 225 cm,出售5个版本,艺术家自留2个版本,2011

Ailadi Cortelletti takes the issue to the level of performance, creating drawings on joss paper which depict her own personal principles, which are then ceremonially burned. Zheng Wenxin offers up a work which talks about the individual’s need to compartmentalize oneself — to place identity in a hermetically sealed container.

Wang Taocheng, “Practice of Portrait Op.49,” ink, watercolor, gold paint, mineral color, acrylic color, liquid alum, tea, flour glue on rice paper and spun silk, 67.5 x 42c m, 2012
王韬程,“肖像练习,Op.49”,明矾液体脸 水彩,矿物色,水墨,丙烯,茶,丝绸,面粉制成的胶在宣纸上,67.5 x 42c m, 2012

Finally Wu Gaozhong, the artist whose work inspired this show, creates a series of ornate mirror sculptures covered completely in fur. This powerful metaphor speaks to the idea that no matter how objective and analytical we try to be, our powers of self-reflection are really quite primitive, scarcely more developed than those of the animal kingdom.
Artists: Adrian Wong, Ailadi Cortelletti, Chen Cheng, David Boyce, Shi Jing, Wang Taocheng, Wu Gaozhong, Zheng Wenxin

Wu Gaozhong, “Landscape No. 3,” installation and sculpture, wood and animal hair, 126 x 95 x 13cm,2012
吴高钟, “风景之三,” 雕塑装,雕塑装置,木雕,毛发等, 126 x 95 x 13cm,2012