EX: 1/30/2012
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Shanghai Gallery of Art
2013.07.27 Sat - 2013.09.08 Sun
Opening Exhibition
07/27/2013 17:00
THREE ON THE BUND No.3 The Bund No.3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road 3rd Floor Shanghai 200002
86-21-63215757, 86-21-63233355*8758
Opening Hours
Everyday 11am - 7pm
Li Zhang

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Infinite Divisibility
[Press Release]

Press Release

SGA WING #2 is pleased to present Infinite Divisibility, Qian Jiahua‘s debut solo where her canvases slow vision to a crawl; creates an engaging dialogue within the gallery that makes each work ebb and flow.

In the artist’s works, the concepts of ‘points’ and ‘traces’ are highlighted. For this exhibition, the role of the artist is more of an observer, a recorder, and an interpreter. Through the integration of geometrical figures and marks set against an expressionistic palette, the artist meticulously depicts the momentary states and the clues of development within her inner realm in the form of intriguingly simplistic lines, adept brushwork of flat color blocks and concise layouts. “Ideas can grow infinitely, but those points that determine their traces are originally there”, is how Jiahua describes the dimensional structure that governs most of her paintings.

At this point, the artist has applied an instant, ‘camera-like’ way of documenting, zooming in and capturing each crucial temporal point among the indefinite yet translucent traces of the evolvement. In a rather stable, empathetic and tranquil manner, this series of works subtly delineates the surroundings and the developmental process within the artist’s self from inside-out with adequate reverence.

Balance and harmony preoccupied the artist. Attested to her engaging use of symmetry, exacting treatment of colour relationships and her remarkably consistent eye, Jiahua plays with scale, balancing the grand and the diminutive until they become equivalent compositional values. Her works fascinate and reveal with a certain optical consistency while playing gently with our understanding of Minimalist forms. Taken together, the compositions create a striking sense of visual order.Asserting individuality and spatial character of the gallery to deploy her works in contemporary practice, Jiahua situates her paintings snugly within the gallery’s space. Delineated lines have dichotomized the walls of SGA WING. Lines, here, are extensions of the artworks and also the connecting passage of them. While sticking to her simple, unpretentious vocabulary, lines rhyme with the transformation of the works, evoking a sense of mobility. Overall, the rectangle-shaped SGA WING could be seen as a perimeter of ‘lines’, and the works within it could be recognized as ‘points’. She offers the viewer not only challenging ideas about the
nature of painting, but greater visual inducement to expand the conjunction between bordering the acts of reading a painting and of seeing it. On this account, a state of equilibrium and balance has been achieved based on the concept of ‘indefinite equal divisions’.

This exhibition has presented the evolution of the series from the earlier stages to the recent. Upon the duration of a year in creation, the artist has transgressed the boundaries of ‘semi-abstract’ and ‘abstract’, realizing self-transcendence by the simplification and the flattening of personal emotions through the gradual elimination of objective representation. Just as the artist explained, instead of deliberately presetting certain themes, she’d rather ‘determine to make the oeuvre in accordance with her rickety fantasies through overlapping ways without time limits.’

Hangzhou-based, Qian Jiahua (b.1987, Shanghai) is an emerging artist graduated from China Academy of Art in 2011. She has participated in ‘The Second Worldwide Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition’ (2012), ‘I Don’t Know’ Young Artists Group Exhibition (2012), and was also a finalist for ’1912 Xin Xingxing Art Festival 100 Best Artists Prize’.