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“Inside China – L’Intérieur du Geant”

“Inside China – L’Intérieur du Geant” Co-produced by K11 Art Foundation and Palais De Tokyo (Paris)

Dedicated to the discovery and presentation of emerging art scenes in China and France, a long-term collaboration between K11 Art Foundation and Palais de Tokyo is inaugurated with the exhibition Inside China – L’Intérieur du Geant. This exhibition was first exhibited at Palais de Tokyo last year in October, and it is rotated to Hong Kong this year with two new participated artists; in which it presents six Chinese artists in dialogue with five French artists.

The artists negotiate over-production, monumentality, and rapid development, by abiding by their own temporalities, turning internal investigation into strangeness of material fact. The Chinese artists capture something ineffable which is deeply connected to the self and engaged with their immediate surroundings and the world: a spirit, an attitude, a sensitivity, and an individual mode of existence. Their works placed in a new context in dialogue with those of the French artists, forming new adjacencies, and productive interferences.

K11 Art Foundation is very excited to be building this platform, to nurture more creative talents from Greater China to be seen, heard and appreciated, and in turn inspire us to think, live and contribute to our society better.

Exhibition Information:

11 March 5-6pm: Art Talk Speakers: Adrian Cheng, Jean de Loisy, Jo-ey Tang, Wang Chunchen, Edwin Lo, Yu Ji, Aude Pariset Moderator: Alexandre Errera

11 March 7pm: Cocktail with a special performance by Yu Ji and Yan Jun

14 March 3-4pm: Sound walk by Aude Pariset and Edwin Lo

Exhibition Period: 12 March – 3 May 2015

Venue of the above events: K11 Art Foundation Pop-Up Space, G/F, Cosco Tower, Grand Millennium Plaza, 183 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

Artists who will attend the cocktail: -Aude Pariset, Jonathan Martin, Cheng Ran, Li Gang, Yu Jin, Edwin Lo

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