EX: 1/30/2012
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Shanghai Himalayas Museum(上海喜玛拉雅美术馆)
2013.06.10 Mon - 2013.09.30 Mon
Opening Exhibition
06/10/2013 16:00
3rd F, District A, NO.869 Ying Hua Road, Pudong district, Shanghai 200135
+86 21 5033.9801
Opening Hours
10:00 - 18:00 (close on Monday)

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Insightful Charisma — Inaugural Exhibition of Shanghai Himalayas Museum
[Press Release]

Press Release

Featuring both classic Chinese artworks and modern and contemporary masterpieces, Insightful Charisma, inaugural exhibition of Shanghai Himalayas Museum, intends to trace back to the spiritual origin of Chinese tradition and to probe into the inheritance and innovation of Chinese cultural spirit in order to provide some valuable reference for the construction of contemporary culture.

In a sense, to imbue “insight” with charisma is a process to make the inner world visible in an aesthetic way. In the contemporary context, how to reflect the spiritual value of Chinese art through such a dynamic and interactive process is what we endeavor to explore in this exhibition. Artists resort to their personal experience and perspective to narrate, interpret and integrate, intending to inspire new vitality within eastern aesthetics.

One theme:
Looking back upon the long and glorious history of Chinese art, landscape painting can be deemed as the most sublime embodiment of Chinese philosophies, aesthetics, humanistic spirit, culture and arts.
Highlighting the spirit of landscape as a theme line, the exhibition tries to explore the inherence and development of art through the dialogue between traditional and modern/contemporary art.

Five segments:
1. Shen (Spirit) – Classic Works
A group of classic Chinese painting and calligraphy works selected from Zendai Group’s collection will be put on display. Covering a wide time span, this part throws light on the unique beauty and magnificence of Chinese art.

2. Li (Reason) – Chinese Cube
Initiated by Wuji Academy, “Chinese Cube” embodies an insight into the rational thinking mode and methodology of Chinese philosophy. Through the adoption of an interactive and multi-media installation, it intends to reveal the essence of Chinese culture and the outlook of Chinese people.

3. Jing (Imagery) – Urban Gardens
Integrating the imagery of natural landscape with urban architecture, contemporary architecture masters manage to redefine the concept of dwelling through the creation of architecture radiating charisma of eastern humanistic spirits and urban gardens that are aesthetically and practically comfortable.

4. Qi (Internal Force) – Contemporary Art
A new picture of contemporary landscape spirit is to be unfolded. The concept of “Qi” contributes to the uniqueness of Chinese culture. It is a source of dynamic creativity that constantly drives the oriental spirit of contemporary art to develop in various forms (installation, video, multi-media and performance, etc.) and to make breakthrough innovations (both on the conceptual level and expression level).

5. Yun (Rhythm) – The Origin of Chinese Operas: Kunqu Opera
Featuring courtyard and pavilion-like setting and combining singing, dancing, narrating and acting, Kunqu Opera is known for its elegant rhythm and sense of poetry. By integrating traditional performance with interactive multi-media expression, the imagery of Chinese classic culture is brought into life with an appealingly contemporary vibe.