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Is It Me in This Life —-Sun Jing Solo Exhibition - FQ Projects

FQ Projects is pleased to present young artist Sun Jing’s first solo exhibition: Is It Me in This Life. The exhibition will show works of mixed media on rice paper, an exploration of Sun Jing in recent years. It will last until 9th July.

Sun Jing’s works feature random and spontaneous collage of paper materials. When she was in art college, she was already interested in exploring using various materials to bring different effects and experimental experiences. During this exploration, she became increasingly fond of the rich “sense of brokenness” created by multiple materials. This became her unique painting language—-“to reconstruct by collage”. The main elements in her works are ink wash and tea stains, plus multiple materials pasted layer by layer on various kinds of rice paper or tough silk. The broken pieces are either formed naturally or torn by hand.

Conforming to the nature instead of painstakingly changing it is one of the main thoughts of Tao. Sun Jing appreciates Tao’s spirits, which can be easily seen through the spontaneity in her works. She uses whatever materials at hand and creates works according to present moment. Her works stray between abstract and concrete images. The hills, stones and flowers are present and absent at the same time. The series The Echo of Guqin originates from the artist’s husband, who is a master of Guqin. Sun Jing often creates works with the company of her husband’s playing this ancient musical instrument. The scribbling characters on the paintings are random selected music scores of Guqin. In regards to the series of Leveling All Things, the artist quote Zhuangzi: ”So with the universe which is but a finger, but a horse.” All things in the universe seem to be independent, but are actually dependent on each other’ s existence. There seems to be all kinds of things, but they are all equal, without difference in value. This series mainly pictures horses, fish, stone and bamboo groves. They are standing on their own, while at the same time existing in the picture with equal size, which seems randomly made by the artist in composition. These patterns lie there with ease, integrated in the atmosphere.

Sun Jing was born in Haining, Zhejiang, in 1979. She now works and lives in Shanghai. She has participated in “Period of Clean & Calm: Confront Hullabaloo” Group Exhibition, ZendaiArt Museum, Shanghai and FINDART Festival.