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Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
2013.03.23 Sat - 2013.04.01 Mon
Opening Exhibition
03/23/2013 15:30
27 Duolun Road, near North Sichuan Road, Shanghai 200081 China
+86 21 6587.2530 / +86 21 6587.5996
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm

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[Press Release]

The Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art is proud to be able to organise for the exhibition of the famous French Painter Jean Dolande . The exhibition with the title “Red Line” will be presented at the Shanghai Duolun Museum from 23, March to 1, April 2013. The 84 masterly paintings, which will be shown at the exhibition, will give an overview over the work of the important artist.

Jean Dolande was first an actor, using the word and gesture to express his emtion. Then, he wanted to re-create emotional paths, so he finally transpose emotions no more on the white cinema screen but on the white canvas. He works with mineral and vegetable powders. According to the emotional scale within which he decides to work through letting go he trys to reach emotional purity. “The human being is emotion, and the artist must transcend one’s emotions. The emotion is pure, ultimate and vibrant and enables us to approach some truth, it projects us beyond ourself: It embellishes all those who are touched by its grace.” The nature, the desert, the sea, the sky, the world are source of inspiration and freedom for Jean Dolande.

Jean Dolande, such as a transcendental alchemist, expresses his faith in Beauty, Emotion and Love. The Red Path where Jean Dolande depicts a scene showing twelve realities. And he llustrated by this red “rest room of thought” from which these themes come out. Man, through his modern techniques associated to this very fit of consciousness, can resolve worldly disequilibria, which he generated with his short-term actions and his lack of vision. He is the artist absorbing realities and senses our future.

The exhibition at the Shanghai Duolun Museum will last 10 days. These works, which will be shown at the exhibition, are an epitome of our daily life. This is the way that he presents the daily life. Through this event we wish to call upon each one of us. We believe you will know more about this artist and his study of emotion.