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Michael Ku Gallery
2014.09.06 Sat - 2014.10.19 Sun
Opening Exhibition
09/06/2014 15:00
4F-2, No. 21, Sec.1, Dunhua South Road, Taipei 10557 台北市敦化南路一段21號4樓之2
(886-2) 2577 5601
Opening Hours
Tuesday – Sunday 11AM to 7PM (Closed Mondays)
周二至周日 上午十一點至下午七點

Michael Ku

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Jin Shi: Fu Hang Tai
[Press Release]

Michael Ku Gallery is pleased to announce Fu Hang Tai, Jin Shi’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan. The show is composed of five sets of works made by the artist between 2013 and 2014, including Fu Hang Tai, Cherry Blossom Backyard, Backstreet II, Untitled and Is it true, or not? II. Most of the materials (including the utilization of materials and the artistic concepts) chosen for the five sets are drawn from abandoned found objects in our daily life which seem to have the least value, in an attempt to better approach and reflect the reality of our real life today. On the one hand, it is about observation and criticism over the society today. On the other hand, it implies the vitality in the objects themselves or providing a space of imagination regarding the environment we live in. Time is part of the concern of Jin Shi’s artistic language. Traces of time remain at the origins of many of his works, whether the raw materials are still being used or abandoned. However, such traces of time are not about seeking some nostalgic mood. Rather, they are the constituents which run naturally through the past and the present to form what we see today. The progress of time can reflect the states of people and their social contexts. The thread of the show does not start from a single clear axis but, based on an attitude that is closer to nature and reality, tends to juxtapose the five sets of works, just like the coexistence of diverse aspects of people and society.

“The work came from a tea scoop I made by myself. Since the bamboo joint was broken, I had no choice but to dig a breach in the form of a tunnel at the crevice in order to hide the flaw. Later, I found that it formed a few concentric circles with the cross-section of the bamboo joint outside. This looked very much like the Black Hole. I always felt it could lead to another world. Later, in a residence area, I found a similar tunnel in a device for poisoning the rats. Looking at the road repairs and the construction of buildings in our real life, I realized that what I had found was not Arcadia but a real world. There is an invisible power, even a destructive power that destroys with the least effort, a power that neither an individual nor a collective can resist. Therefore, I wanted to create a tunnel which is like the reality, like the power. Break, polish and pierce the objects that are more likely to be found in the ruins of our daily life. I wanted to imitate the irresistible violence in our reality, like laser beams, straight and unquestionable, which penetrate and also destroy everything. (When I made the works, I felt like the master of the universe. And when people dismantle houses, repair roads and build bridges, isn’t it like playing bricks? A phrase of a classic poem suddenly came to my mind, “in all his composed manner, boats of the enemy become ruins”….) I choose the title ‘Fu Hang Tai’ because the objects were found in Fuyang, Hangzhou and Taizhou. Choosing these objects was not so easy. Many abandoned objects were actually unsuitable. Similar to the way we name a highways, I took the abbreviation of the three places to become the title of the works, which also indicates the reason for creating the partial tunnels. The three places are in fact the same; all of them are vulnerable in the face of the violence of reality. None of them is relay station or destination. All of them are the starting point but not the destination.”

“I like photos of the sea by Hiroshi Sugimoto. The wave, the azure blue, white cloud, boats, the marine life and even legends about the sea all vanish in the simple tones of gray and white. There is such a broad vision. Even though the artist said the works are about time, I only want to peer into secrets of the sea. That’s why I made Cherry Blossom Backyard. Eventually, everything returns to dust. Indeed, I wanted to do something for the house, on the day when cherries blossom.”