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Jungle II – A Thriving Morphology: Disappearing Into Vanishing Point

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Jungle II – A Thriving Morphology
Disappearing Into Vanishing Point – Lu Lei Independent Project

“Disappearing into Vanishing Point” – a project by Lu Lei is part of Platform China’s year-long project “Jungle Ⅱ”, and will exhibit recent installations works by Lu Lei.

All things visible, do not only fade away with time, but can also disappear from sight into vanishing point.

van·ish·ing point: (noun)
1. The point at which receding parallel lines viewed in perspective appear to converge
2. The point at which something that has been growing smaller or increasingly faint disappears altogether.

Lu Lei’s has recently been using two-point perspective to create “architectural prototypes” of governmental buildings. His more recent work has focused on presenting vanishing images and objects within a hyper reality, which explores the concept of their “disappearance” and “destruction” within time and space.

The project will be inaugurated on Sep. 7th, 2013 (Saturday) 3p.m. at Platform China Contemporary Art Institute (Beijing).

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    Platform China beijing Lu Lei post