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L-Art Gallery
2014.03.15 Sat - 2014.05.12 Mon
Opening Exhibition
03/15/2014 15:00
Area C1, Tianfu Software Park, Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu
+86 028-85246646
Opening Hours
10:00 - 17:30 daily
Rain Lu 吕婧

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L-Art Gallery Upcoming Exhibition: Li Rui Poem
[Press Release]


From 15th March till 12th May, L-Art Gallery is delighted to present solo exhibition Li Rui Poem for emerging artist Li Rui from Yun Nan. This is the 4th solo exhibition of Li Rui right after shows in Yun Nan, Beijing and Taipei. Over 20 paintings and part of precious manuscripts created in recent 2 years will be displayed in this exhibition. We are also showing the documentary of Li Rui to provide insight into his creative process. What’s more interesting is that artist created a wall painting on-site especially for this event.

Li Rui(national name: Yun Gu Ran), from the Hani nationality, was defined by featured contemporary artist Mao Xuhui as “Pure Yun Nan Artist”. His paintings are as beautiful as poems written by brush and colors. The landscape he portrayed is not only a natural paradise but also a spiritual free land. L-Art Gallery is honored to hold Li Rui’s very first solo exhibition in Chengdu. We warmly invite you to the opening ceremony on 15th March (SAT) 3pm and hope you can feel the breath of Spring through his art.

Critics’ Words:

LiRui is the offspring of Hani nationality from Honghe, and thefamous Yuanyang terraces is his hometown. He is sensitive to thenature is natural. His paintings consistently filled with theplants and fresh air with acrylic and oil painting creation. Withvarious of creative techniques, his works praise the natural stateheartily, and can feel the sound of nature and pure whisper in hiswork.——Mao XuHui

LiRui’s art is not so much influenced by Guishan, as rather he is inchorus with Guishan. Nature has become a natural animism colour,the intensity of his art does not rest with the abundance of thenatural landscape but on re-evoking a wealth of poetic sentiment.Friedrich Holderlin recited ‘but no purer is the shade of thestarry night… Is there a measure on earth?’ From another anglepursuing the poetic sentiment undoubtedly will proclaim the loss ofmeasure, the spiritual consolation and spirit itself once again hasbecome the universal measure. Therefore, the hidden logic of LiRui’s art is that the order of the universe, the movement andpoetic nature is bestowed by the human soul. The mysterious worldof art should be born for the creation of enchantment. ——LüPen


ARTIST: Li Rui (Yun Guran)

OPENING:3pm 15th Mar (Sat), 2014

DURATION:15th Mar (Sat) – 12th May (Mon), 2014

VENUE:L-Art Gallery