EX: 1/30/2012
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Beijing Minsheng Art Museum 北京民生现代美术馆
2016.04.01 Fri - 2016.04.18 Mon
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Liao Guohe | Ten Thousand Houses
[Press Release]

The solo exhibition of Liao Guohe’s “Ten Thousand Houses” will be featured in the Beijing Minsheng Art Museum on the 1st of April. The exhibition is co-hosted by Boers-Li Gallery and Beijing Minsheng Art Museum. As an important exhibition for the “Minsheng Young Art Project”, these exhibits endorse on many active young talents in China’s contemporary art field, and by providing them the right platform to showcase their progress and contribution.

Since the late-90s, Liao Guohe has been one of the influential artists of whom stimulates with vulgarism artist language to the modern contemporary art-world. With his recognizable imagery and everyday language as being used in our todays popular social networks, he redefines painting aesthetically as well as what painting “has to say.”

In a challenging loose style, Liao gives painting the ability to reach beyond what conventionally is called “beauty.” For him, art is not about pleasing the audience with sophisticated techniques and familiar narratives. What matters are the untold aspects of life and the unseen possibilities of art. In his visions of trivial body politics and political common rule, moral stances and the pure joy of painting are coming together in a serious and at the same time ironic fashion. Seeing his works social and political satire is getting a new meaning: it releases air under high pressure.

Under the title “Ten Thousand Houses…”, Liao Guohe explores in the new series of 20 large works as exhibited in the Beijing Minsheng Art Museum the interwoven relationships between the individual and collective in today’s society. But how complex and abstract these relations may appear, the artist finds a way to make them real and emotionally relevant.

To bring these narratives across to his audience living in a changing world with different challenges and discussed values, Liao Guohe is breaking down the conventional ways of using the brush, imagery, language and even the canvasses he is painting on. In doing so he is able to bring painting and language, social and gender relations, politics and poetry together without discrimination or conflict. He let us speak about the unspeakable or used to be unspeakable. That defines a real artist.

“I have ten thousand houses,and one thousand mistresses”, acrylic on canvas《我有一万幢房子,1千个情人》,布面丙烯

“I have ten thousand houses,and one thousand mistresses”, acrylic on canvas



“the poor tries to shake the rich's moral integrity with tears”, acrylic on canvas《穷人试图用眼泪动摇富人的节气》,布面丙烯

“the poor tries to shake the rich’s moral integrity with tears”, acrylic on canvas