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Ma Yujiang solo exhibition ‘Cang Mang’ at Pearl Lam Galleries SOHO

Celebrating the emerging talent of young artist Ma Yujiang, Pearl Lam Galleries SOHO will present the artist’s first solo exhibition ‘Cang Mang’ in Hong Kong which opens today.

The young artist will debut a new series of work in which he manipulates archival WWII photos to explore loss and the theory of ‘cang mang’, which describes an emotional state of boundlessness and displacement of time and place in the context of China’s social and political history.

Ma has a special affinity with the poetry of the late Taiwanese poet Chou Meng Tieh, who passed away in May 2014. He relates to the loneliness that Chou depicts in his poems as a result of feeling displaced. Ma’s large-scale photographic works give physical body to the deep sense of longing and solitude that pervades Chou’s poetry, and focus on the psychological complexity of wanting to root one’s identity in the face of displacement from a personal history, while being unsure of one’s destiny.

The Cang Mang series consists of over 100 pieces, of which 13 will be shown in this exhibition, including contemporary photos of the Taiwan Strait taken by Ma, and 11 old WWII archival photos that the artist has ‘cleaned’ by removing evidence of violent scenes from places such as the beaches of Normandy and Pearl Harbor. Ma explains, “This series of photographs reminds us of how insignificant our existences are when we are confronted with the narrative of time and history. I want to express boundlessness in terms of space, time, life, death, and fate.”