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Mao Space静安嘉里中心
2016.04.09 Sat - 2016.05.20 Fri
Opening Exhibition
上海市安义路61号No.61 Anyi Rd,Shanghai 200040 P.R.C
Opening Hours

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GE YAN “Prelude”
Mao Space, Shanghai
[Press Release]

Mao Space Jing’an Kerry Centre is proud to present Ge Yan’s solo exhibition Prelude on April 9 th 2016. The exhibition will feature Ge’s oil paintings from the last three years (2014 – 2016), including works he specifically prepared for this solo exhibition. We would like to welcome you all to join us at Mao Space for the exhibition.


Ge’s paintings conceived strong symbolic meaning of time and narrative language. The works in the exhibition will present to the viewer a multifaceted pictorial intersection between time and space that allowed the viewers to pave their way into a phantom world under another dimension. Ge artfully captured objects with the essence of time, interwove them as three-dimensional compositions in the original space to re-invent and re-build the space in a restrained yet narrative language in order to mobilize the viewer’s vision. Based on the real world but with a twist, the visual elements are connected to each other as Ge intended to achieve the mystery. The combination of various objects seems intriguing thus triggered the viewer’s interest to imagine beyond. Ge explored the infinite possibilities in the visual effectiveness of oil painting although it is considered as a traditional media, his works represent his opinion about the world that revolves around him. No matter it is pure imagination or reality, the viewers will all longing to stay in the visual stage he created.


GE Yan 葛彦 Room with Curtain of Yellow and Black Stripes 黑黄条纹窗帘的房间 2016 Oil on canvas 布面油画 180 x 250 cm

Ge Yan was born in Anhui in 1984 and graduated from the Oil Painting Department at China Academy of Fine Art in 2010 and 2013 with both a bachelor and master degree. He received the 2 nd Phoenix Art Scholarship and ELAND Awards from China Academy of Fine Art. Ge Yan is considered as one of the most representational figures among the new generation of artists who used oil painting as their creative medium in today’s Chinese contemporary art. His works have been shown in renowned exhibitions across China and overseas, including Art Stage Singapore, Shanghai ART021, and ART Beijing. Ge Yan currently lives and works in Shanghai.


GE Yan 葛彦 Black Model Ship without Romance 黑色模型船没有浪漫 2016 Oil on canvas 布面油画 120 x 150 cm


GE Yan 葛彦 Venus and Her Lover 维纳斯和她的情人 2016 Oil on canvas 布面油画 100 x 120 cm


GE Yan 葛彦 Disappearing Echo 消失的回声 2013 Oil on canvas 布面油画 130 x 200 cm