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Mariasun Salgado – SPACE CONFLICTS

The Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art is pleased to present Space Conflicts, the monographic exhibition comprising the work of Mariasun Salgado.Please join us on Saturday, April 6, 2013, to learn more about the work of this artist. The opening day at the Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, will feature the artist and the curator of this exhibition, Mr. Du Fang museum’s executive director.

With a graphic art that hybridizes manga codes with linear drawing and vintage photography, the exhibition Space Conflicts of Mariasun Salgado presents a series of digital collages and compositions with which she subtly alters the traditional codes of representation. By merging and juxtaposing images and graphics which a priori are opposed to each other, Mariasun Salgado emphasizes the absurdities arising from urban systems in which today’s society evolves. Under the registration of contemporary collage, a medium that is increasingly present in our visual horizon, the artists seeks to provoke questions in the viewer for which there is no single answer.

Mariasun Salgado holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Madrid. She is a lecturer of Graphic Ideation at the School of Architecture of Madrid and combines teaching with research and artistic practice. Since 1995 she has worked professionally as an architect and set up the company Rougart in 2003, through which she has carried out works of different kinds and dimension, such as the exhibition “Space Rougart. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe” at the Casa Decor’03 edition. In the course of her artistic and professional activity she has been awarded numerous prizes in national and international competitions. In the field of research, she has published numerous articles in professional journals as well as having worked with the ARCO contemporary art fair in its 2002 and 2003 editions, participating in its editorial publication ARCO Noticias. The production of her graphical works is characterized by the representation of the conflicts which are generated between architecture and its environments, specifically those being derived from the urban massification and the concept of hyper-density. All these topics relate to architecture, are treated through a hybrid graphical language and escape both realism and abstraction.

  • Duolun - Maríasun Salgado BLUE PLASTIC BUBBLE

    Duolun - Maríasun Salgado BLUE PLASTIC BUBBLE

  • Duolun - Maríasun Salgado INTERSTICES I

    Duolun - Maríasun Salgado INTERSTICES I

  • Duolun - Maríasun Salgado POMPIDOU II

    Duolun - Maríasun Salgado POMPIDOU II

  • Duolun - Maríasun Salgado windows II

    Duolun - Maríasun Salgado windows II

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