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Meta Gallery Will Host the First Ever Solo Exhibition by DocumentaryFilmmaker Ma Li from March 25th to May 4th.

This exhibition will show case the filmmaker’s two important works inrecent years: Born in Beijing and Mirror of Emptiness.

Documentary Film in Exhibition: Should the meeting point of independent film and contemporary art be limited to viewing constraints? Can we go back to the materiality of film,back to a value system the film auteurs constructed, about social hierarchy and personal experience, about the exploration of media, and to experiences of film that go beyond the limitation of our bodily viewing possibilities?A side from her work as a documentary filmmaker, Ma Li is also on the editorial board of independent publication FilmAuteurs. Accompanying the exhibition, a symposium of various topic sincluding “Female Perspective”, “Redefining Media” and “ Film as Medium” will be organized. Meta Gallery has the pleasure to have the six editorial boardmembers of Film Auteurs in house to introduce the publication and exchange ideas with the audience.

Ma Li: Documentary Filmmaker

Past Exhibitions of Born inBeijing:

Rotterdam International Film Festival: China Focus, 2012

Critic’s Award for the FIRST Young Filmmaker’s Festival, 2012

Chameleon Award for the first Seoul Digital Film Festival, 2012

Critic’s Award, Beijing Independent Film Festival, 2012

Real Character Award, China Independent Film Festival, 2012

Bronze Award, Sunshine Chinese Documentary Award, 2012 (two-hourversion).

Past Exhibitions of Mirror of Emptiness:

Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival, 2011

Critic’s Award and Best Technical Merit Award, Beijing New Youth Film Festival, 2011

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