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Pearl Lam Galleries
2013.04.15 Mon - 2013.05.12 Sun
Opening Exhibition
04/14/2013 17:00
Pearl Lam Galleries 藝術門 No. 181 Middle Jiangxi Road, G/F Shanghai, China 200002
+8621 6323 1989
Opening Hours
Monday–Sunday 11 am – 7 pm
Pearl Lam

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Michael Wilkinson : En Attendant
[Press Release]

Press Release

Michael Wilkinson, “En Attendant (2013)”, Black and white digital prints, 150 x 90 cm x 12 (59 1/10 x 35 2/5 in. x 12)

Shanghai – British artist Michael Wilkinson’s work is characterized by subtly layered collages, which draw from a variety of cultural references such as pop culture, political and art history, pop rock and anarchism. The artist uses materials including found photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries, audio and VHS tape, vinyl records, cellophane and etched mirrors to examine how we attempt to record and re-experience cultural history.

Michael Wilkinson, “Colonna (2012),” aluminum, vinyl records, 323 x 30 cm

The centerpiece of the exhibition, En Attendant (2013), is an almost life-size black and white print of a horse-drawn carriage, blown up from a detail of a 19th century photograph of the Hôtel de Ville in ruins after the suppression of the Paris Commune in 1871.

Michael Wilkinson, “Dresden 16 (2013),” blackboard paint on linen, verdigris, painted 12 inch record, digital print, and oil, 150 x 130 x 3 cm

Paris features in a number of other works on show, from the 19th century into modern day. One series of etched mirrors uses the faces of onlookers during a clash with riot police in May 1968, contrasted against atmospheric newspaper cutting from the same period showing an armoured car on a motorway at night, or smiling policemen holding up a tattered red flag. Also on show will be works from the artist’s Dresden series, which explores similar themes from his hometown history.

Michael Wilkinson, “Lions After Slumber 8 (2013),” etched mirror, 122.5 x 110 x 2 cm (48 1/5 x 43 3/10 x 4/5 in.)

Michael Wilkinson, “Drapeau Rouge 1 (2013),” acrylic on linen, painted string, painted badge, velcro, cotton, card, cellophane, and beeswax, 190 x 170 x 3 cm