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Microscope Exh Opening 2015.5.30 | Leo Gallery Shanghai

Curaror: Huang Du 

Participating Artists:

Wen Wu / Paintings

Ren Zhitan / Paintings and installation

Li Yiwen / Paintings

Lin Ke / Moving Images

Hu Weiyi / Video Interactive Installation


Microscope: The Inner Mindscape of 5 Contemporary Chinese Artists – features works of contemporary Chinese artists of different ages and experiences: Wen Wu, Ren Zhitian, Li Yiwen, Lin Ke and Hu Weiyi, each displaying their individual aesthetic and philosophy through diverse works through different mediums.

The title of this exhibition “Microscope” was chosen as a way to reflect the current developments of Chinese contemporary art. In the past decade, the growing diversity of Chinese contemporary art in many ways is similar to the development in Chinese society and its economy, where artists turned from the ideological narratives and collective expressions, to become more individualistic in their artistic style, depicting personal experiences from daily life. This newly evolved artistic language can be found in different art genres including painting, sculpture, installation, moving images and mixed media artworks.

The use of fuel ash residue collected from car exhaust pipes as ink and creating a series of patterned works on silk, reflects his concerns for ecological problems. This interesting juxtaposition of beauty and waste, elegance and filth, make this a unique series, showing how the artist pushes the boundaries of the revered traditional art.This joint exhibition is a small showcase of the current developments of  the Chinese contemporary art scene, where the contemporary artworks reflect the new values of the changing society in China.

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