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Minuscule in Scope — Gargantuan in Perspective, at ShanghART H-Space, on 18th July, 2015


Artists: HAN Feng, HU Jieming, HUANG Kui, JIANG Pengyi, LIANG Yue, OUYANG Chun, PU Jie , SHEN Fan , SHI Qing , SHI Yong , WU Yiming , ZHANG Qing , ZHAO Renhui, ZHOU Zixi

ShanghART Gallery is pleased to present the summer group exhibition Minuscule in Scope, Gargantuan in Perspective at H-Space. The exhibition would last until August 23rd.

During childhood, we observe the colours of flowers and plants, wriggling worms and wonder how the clouds change. We raise questions with curiosity while looking at the surrounding world. Dialogues and interaction with nature thus have been generated during the process of observing and perceiving. This is how the exploration for microcosms starts. Artists interpret their perspectives through brushes, colours, cameras. The artistic languages they apply may vary from one another, but that is what has helped to build a macrocosm.

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