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Mur Nomade presents Jovial Yeung’s first solo exhibition ‘In Peril’

Hong Kong-based curatorial office and gallery Mur Nomade presents the first solo exhibition of emerging Hong Kong artist Jovial Yeung, opening on January 16th, and on view until April 2nd. ‘In Peril’ showcases glass, mixed media and installation works, drawing on the artist’s personal emotions and her strong concern for animal rights. The exhibition follows the development of Jovial Yeung’s practice since her graduation with Honours from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012. With precise, demanding and time-consuming technique, the artist creates touching works, expressing her attempts to deal with fragility and vulnerability. By projecting her emotions into glass blowing and flameworking, Jovial Yeung has advanced on her life path and progressed in her artistic development in a unique way and at her own pace, with both humility and tenacity. The exhibition is divided into two areas facing each other: me and them. The first part brings together works that are personal explorations of fears and life challenges. Notably it includes the largest version of Jovial Yeung’s captivating installation ‘Revenge’, a group of hanging glass objects filled with a deep-red liquid and covered in countless black thorns, having a silent conversation with their own shadows. The second part of the exhibition features Jovial Yeung’s ongoing series ‘The Victim’. These works are the materialization in glass and gold leaves on canvas of the artist’s overwhelming compassion for animals mistreated by humans. Since 2013, she has been researching on the treatments inflicted to what she calls ‘the victims of human selfishness’, their living conditions and their sufferings. Behind the impeccably presented and perfectly executed works are the artist’s tears, torment and pain. The exhibition presents selected pieces recently added to what could be an endless series. With ‘In Peril’, Jovial Yeung offers a moving and though-provoking exhibition. The delicate works are full of contrasts and display fascinating plays of shadows. Different angles reveal different moods. In the silence space, the artist invites visitors to an experience, to feel both mesmerized and unsafe. Workshops and docent tours linking art and prevention of cruelty to animals are availablethroughout the exhibition. Please visit for updates.

About Jovial Yeung Jovial Yeung is an emerging Hong Kong artist, working in the media of glass, mixed media andinstallation. She obtained her B.A. in Visual Arts with Honours in 2012 from the Academy ofVisual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. The awards she has received since her graduationinclude the Warm Glass U.K. Glass Prize (Students) in the U.K. in 2012, a Merit Award at theChinese Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition, Tsinghua University, China in 2014 and an HonorableMention at the 2014 Emerging Artists Presentation, Glass Art Society, U.S.A. in 2014. Moreovershe was the recipient of a travel grant to France from Mur Nomade in 2013. Her work has beenexhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan. Jovial Yeung has a passion for experimentation with materials: her training in studio glass artcombined with her experience in metalsmithing and antiques restoration, result in unique mixedmedia artworks, bi-dimensional or sculptural. In particular, the distinctive approach toflameworking she developed to make extremely thin glass pins and affix them on canvasrequires a very high level of craftsmanship. Her artworks are delicate and impeccably presented,yet they convey strong messages about personal life experiences and environmental issues. About Mur Nomade Mur Nomade is an independent art space in Hong Kong, operating as both a curatorial officeand an art gallery. Our name is the French for ‘nomadic wall’ as we present site-specificcuratorial projects in venues all around Hong Kong, in addition to the regular programme of ourspace in the up-and-coming South Island Cultural District. Mur Nomade is managed on a non-profit-making basis and aims at being a financially sustainable by allocating the proceeds of the art gallery operations to our non-commercial initiatives, such as collaborative art projects, open calls, performances, workshops or residencies. Mur Nomade works closely with local and international artists, curators, art writers and teachers to imagine and conceive projects fostering creative encounters. We like bold ideas and we are convinced that cross-disciplinary dialogues and cultural exchanges support creativity, stimulate emulation and encourage experimentation.

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