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K11 Art space
2013.09.14 Sat - 2013.09.28 Sat
Opening Exhibition
09/14/2013 10:00
B3, K11 Art Mall, 300 middle huai hai road, shanghai
Opening Hours
10:am - 10pm daily

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N-Minutes International Video Selection
[Press Release]

Press Release

N-Minutes International Video Selection

Known as the reputed, the 3rd N-Minutes Video Art Festival will hold a screening activity for more than two months’ length.The screening is composed of several units, which includes: International Video Selection, Spanish Video SelectionⅠ, Spanish Video SelectionⅡ, MADATAC Video Selection, Videoakt Biennale Video Selection.

Unit 1: International Video Selection
As so far China’s only independent, annual international contemporary video art festival, each year, N-Minutes selects and sends contemporary videos of China to be displayed in important international art projects, and meanwhile brings in a multitude of foreign classics or latest works via the forms of exhibitions, lectures, performances, etc. The first unit of this year’s activity, the International Video Selection, is mainly made up of works from French and Chinese artists, which includes: several classics by three distinguished French video artists: Alain Longuet, Ange Leccia and Robert Cahen; three short films by promising young artist Jennifer; by Italian artist Marcantonio Lunardi, which has been acclaimed in several art festivals this year. Chinese artists Mu Jin and XuZheused to study in France, while Xu Zheyu from Taiwanis participating in N-minutes for the first time, along with other young artists whose works are being screened in Shanghai for the first time.

Artists and works

Alain Longuet (Fr) :  Dancing and Turning, Video, 10’04”, 1987

Ange Leccia(Fr) :  The sea, Video, 5’, 1991

Cheng Ran :  The last sentence,   Video, 12’33”, 2013 ;  Existence without air, food, or water  , Video, 10’46”, 2013

Jennifer Douzenel (Fr) :  Volant,  Video, 2’12”, 2013  ;   Mouettes,  Video, 6’45”, 2012  ;  KelipKelip , Video, 16”, 2011

Hsu Che-Yu (Taiwan) :  November 11th, 1970.   Animation, 8’01”, 2012

Liang Yue :  Burn The Incense,  Video, 17’, 2011

Li Xiaofei :  Butterfly lovers,  HD Video, Color, 8’40”, 2013

Marcantonio Lunardi (It) :  The Choir , Video, 4’13”, 2013

Mu Jin木巾 :  Elsewhere , Document-creation, color&b/w, Stereo, 12’36 ‘, 2010  ;  Second Office , Film, 16/9, 13’32”, Stereo, 2011

Robert Cahen (Fr) :  The Cercle ,  Film, 10’20”, 2005  ;  Embraces , Video, 8’50”, 2003

Vanessa Santullo (Fr) :  Forzaplaymobil , Video, 4’35”, 2007

Wen Bin :  LIMBO , Video, 3’36”, 2012,

Wu Ding :  The reason why the past can extend to the present is because of the future of certain objects , HD Video, color, Stereo, 30’, 2013

XuZhe :  Wake Flow , HD Video, 3’51”, 2012

Ye Linghan :  It’s the Cola , Animation, 3’, 2013

Date from 14th till 28 of Septembet, 2013
Language :  Chinese/English
Artists: Alain Longuet, Ange Leccia, Cheng Ran, Jennifer Douzenel, Hsu Che-Yu, Liang Yue, Li Xiaofei, Marcantonio Lunardi, Mu Jin, Robert Cahen, Vanessa Santullo, Wen Bin, Wu Ding, XuZhe, Ye Linghan
Planner: Li Ningchun
Venue:  chi K11 art space (Shanghai K11 Art Mall, B3, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu)
Organizer: March Art


N-Minutes Video Art Festival

N-Minutes Video Art Festival is a public art project, which aims to promote video art among the wide audience and urban spaces. N-Minutes was founded in 2011, and it would be held every year during September to October in Shanghai. With various art activities including screening, mapping, audio-visual performance, exhibition and lecture, N- Minutes weaves video arts into urban life and interacts with the audience, enabling a new possibility of public art.

N-Minutes Video Art festival crée un événement interactif, un dialogue urbain entre vidéo et usagers multiples de l’espace public. L’objectif est de libérer l’art, de le faire sortir du musée, en l’invitant dans la rue en encourageant ainsi le grand public à participer à des activités artistiques, pour aboutir à une multiplication des fonctions des espaces de la ville et donner une place à l’art dans la vie quotidienne.