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News from Nowhere —Solo Exhibition

I once read a political fiction novel News from Nowhere of William Morris by accident. The book is about a dream one had after joining a debate on socialism.
— Ye Funa

In the meantime, we would like to particularly call your attention to the upcoming exhibition opened on Saturday, March 29th titled “News from Nowhere” at V ART CENTER space 2. The exhibition is based on a residence project of the artist Ye Funa (b. 1986, Yunnan Province) at her homeland Shiman, a small village close to Lijiang Town. Playing CARDS and MAJIANG is way of wasting time for the youngster in the town. By interviewing 25 local young people aged from 16 to 30, she gives insight into the drastic changes that rural-to-urban migration brings to “the new countryside”. Inspired by the low-tech products in rural life and their folklore aesthetic taste, she express flourishing creativity through her latest installation and video work. Different with the ideal scenery in mass consciousness, the artificial “second nature” substitutes real art, appearing as decoration in the scenes of life.

Young dreams are overwhelmed by the harsh reality and gradually turn to listless self-entertainment. Why not going back to hometown – the “ideal utopia”?

Established in 2010, V ART CENTER is located in the Shanghai M50 Innovation Park. As a non-profitable space affiliated with SIVA , the center is presided by Mr. Ding Yi, a acclaimed artist and an associate dean of SIVA. Both of its exhibition halls in Building No. 3 and No.6 are being operated in an open manner. This young space shall maintain its vitality all the time, presenting a dialogue platform for modern arts in

Special thanks to the SPONSER: Yang Yurong

  • Ye Funa, "News from Nowhere,"  叶甫纳, "炸金花,"

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  • Ye Funa, "News from Nowhere,"  叶甫纳, "炸金花,"

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  • Ye Funa, "News from Nowhere,"  叶甫纳, "炸金花,"

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  • Ye Funa, "News from Nowhere,"  叶甫纳, "炸金花,"

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