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Painting Interface
Leo Gallery Shanghai

Leo Gallery Shanghai is honoured to present a new group exhibition Painting Interface on November 6th, which runs till January 5th 2019. Curated by the renowned art critic Huang Du, the exhibition is going to present the works of five artists Dong DaweiLiu Zhengyong, Lu Song, Ma Ke and Qian Jiahua, showing their unique explorations and practices in the fields of expressive painting and abstractive painting.

Ma Ke‘s work draws the attention and imagination of the viewer with a distinctive symbolic language as well as the subtle and difficult-to-capture potential energy. The setting of characters with both adventurous and challenging features, with a dangerous sometimes added as the background, makes the viewer feel like being a drama. Ma Ke’s works exhibitied in this exhibition are his newest creations after his participation in the artist residency of the Laforêt Summer Vacation Project in Italy in 2017.

Liu Zhengyong focuses on portraits, most of which are sculptured busts. From frustrations to flaming emotion, each figure of Liu can be linked with a special background and a unique style. The body with the constantly simple and natural contour highlights the staunch background without any clear meanings. The outer contour line of the body is removed through a calm yet powerful force, through which a clear humane expression is to be felt.

Though Lu Song‘s painting avoids any necessary connection between visualization and narration, it offers a synchronic tendency of compound between vision and perception,and also deconstructs the mechanism of the painting language in a laid-out way.

By using bright colors and simple shapes, Dong Dawei let time and space blend and grow together, creating wonders that transcend the infinite and the limited, as well as the inner and outer of painting itself. In this exhibition, Dong Dawei is going to implement an on-site project “Dust to Dust” in the gallery space, in order to explore the diverse possibilities of painting.

Qian Jiahua‘s work are derived from the perception of the fragmentation of the external world, as well as the imagination of the responses from the external world to herself. Her works are largely derived from real life experience. As the sharp and delicate observations are transformed into the images, the sense of detachment and contradictory taste makes the work full of warmness between the opposites.

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