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2015.11.20 Fri - 2016.01.05 Tue
Opening Exhibition
3/F Koon Wah Building, No.2 Yuen Shun Circuit, Yuen Chau Kok, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong Hong Kong
+852 3468 7317
Opening Hours
11:00 am-7:00 pm

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Perpetual Production & Consumption
[Press Release]

20 November 2015 – 5 January 2016

Artists: Cheng Ting Ting, Mark Chung, Elise Lai, Ip Wai Lung, Funa Ye, Bobby Yu
Curated by Cecilia Lee

Opening: Friday, 20 November 2015, 7pm
Performance by Ip Wai Lung: 7:30pm
Curator’s Tour: 8pm
Address: 316 Koon Wah Building, No.2 Yuen Shun Circuit, Yuen Chau Kok, Shatin, Hong Kong
Hours: Thu – Sat, 11 am – 7 pm

Venue address of future exhibitions should be adapted to URL. Too slow to experience on spot, we need something faster—”browse”, “swipe”. Even being in a gallery, we couldn’t endure lingering by one physical artwork for a few minutes longer. We are craving more for “more” itself; we are always oriented towards the more of “newness”.

Globalization and advancement of the Internet compelled the facility and indispensability in obtaining explosive amount of information. Information is free. We desire more of it. Rapidity is obliged to welcome this new expansion of market: more art, more exhibitions, more galleries, more museums, more artists, more collectors… We copy, and paste, paste and match style. Inheriting the banality, it is still gleaming with gloss and shine. Our flashy demand could be satisfied albeit fraudulent. Over-proliferated seemed to be our anxiety and desire, the over-production/consumption will become part of our quotidian at last. We are heading to a fast and furious era, repeatedly refreshing itself in an exponential pace.

starprojects continues to present artworks produced by post-80s Hong Kong and mainland artists with its second installment of the inaugural trilogy “Perpetual Production & Consumption”.

Artist Biographies

Cheng Ting Ting

Born in 1990, Cheng Ting Ting is a graduate of the Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts. Her paintings presented her delicate observation on the everyday, her recollections and her imaginations, in which the foreign air and the subtle sentiments are seized.

Mark Chung

Born in Auckland in 1990, Mark Chung is a graduate of the Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts. He now lives and works in Hong Kong. Through appropriation, distortion and deconstruction of found still and moving images, he examined the fictional reality and experiential timeliness.

Elise Lai

Born in 1987, Elise Lai is a MFA graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
She presented her perception of livings and surroundings by painting, photography, moving images, and mixed media. Seizing lights of nature and man, she grasped the distant intimacy in the banal everyday.

Ip Wai Lung

Born in Guangdong in 1989, Ip Wai Lung now bases and works in Hong Kong. His early photographic works explored the quotidian sensation and metaphoric innuendoes. Lately he commenced his investigation into the issues of post-colonial culture, corporeal desire, and capital market in an experimental manner, bringing the discussion on privacy, taboo and absurdity into the public realm.

Funa Ye

Funa Ye, born in 1986, graduated from the Experimental Art Department of the
Central Academy of Fine Arts in China and acquired a master degree at Central Saint Martins in London. She now bases in Beijing and teaches at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Her works manifested her distinct aesthetics through the visual-bombing of pompousness and lavishness. Using appropriation, parody, the Internet and technology as devices, she employed her sarcastic strategies on the relationship between power and multi-culture.

Bobby Yu

Born in 1994, Bobby Yu is studying at the Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts. Her works examined the issue of female consciousness and consumption of body. Performance and installation as a form manifested her acute observation of human relationships.