EX: 1/30/2012
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Springs Center of Art(泉空间)
2016.04.30 Sat - 2016.06.26 Sun
Opening Exhibition
797 Street, 798 Art District, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015, China. (北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路2号798艺术区797路)
Opening Hours
Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm
Wang Yihan

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[Press Release]

Opening:2016.05.07  5pm

藝術家Artists:艾未未Ai Weiwei、邱志傑Qiu Zhijie、徐冰Xu Bing、展望Zhan Wang

策展人Curator:韓之演Han Jiyun

Springs Center of Art represents a new exhibition “Post-Intellectualism” and Opening event will be May 7, PM5:00. Artists are including Ai Weiwei, Qiu Zhijie, Xu Bing and Zhan Wang and they will bring installation, video, sculptures and modern ink paintings in the exhibition. Their art works highlight a mixture of Chinese and Western ideology which both has affected trend of Chinese contemporary art. Chinese contemporary art has sincere humanistic spirit, it is not only because artists are influenced by long term history of Chinese philosophy and culture, but also have been learning various western ideologies since the ‘85 Art Movement. Chinese contemporary artist plays not just an artist role, but also creates a philosopher, an observer or being as a prophet in their art who formulates images of contemporary China. Chinese contemporary artists choose various expressions which combine Chinese ideologies with Western aesthetics and philosophies to illustrate the picture of Chinese contemporary. Some of them take third-person narration that implies modern urban phenomenon smoothly and some of them keep strong critical thinking which attempts to advocate every being’s consciousness about their existence. “Post-Intellectualism” refers four Chinese artists whose art works blend into Chinese and Western philosophies and aesthetics. Four of them are based on Chinese ideologies and create their own concepts individually with Western or Chinese aesthetics. “Post-Intellectualism” will be held April 30 to June 26 at Springs Center of Art.

Chandelier by Ai Weiwei, has been exhibited at Guangzhou Triennial 2002. This is a giant installation which is made by crystal, light bulbs and scaffolding. Magnificent and grand Chandelier-like form criticizes new Chinese bourgeoisie who are enthusiastic to grow rich and identify themselves by buying luxurious goods. Qiu Zhijie’s Map series is an ink-based map project with the artist’s fantasy in which combines culture, social and personal symbols and each of them connect to one another logically. Qiu’s Map series is an artistic practice and he provides humorous perspectives to understand connections between beings and the world. XU Bing’s Mount Lu is inspired by Zhang Daqian’s splashed-color landscape Mount Lu in 1983. XU recreates this epic color ink landscape painting in a giant light box and sets up scenery of Mount Lu by branches, leafs, bubble wrap and plastic bags. XU Bing’s Mount Lu turns a classic and authentic color-ink landscape painting into a post-modern art with technological, manmade and intellectual sense. Silhouette made by Zhan Wang, who has been contemplating on the relationship between the twisted imagery of the reflection and his sculptural practice. Rocks—real and fabricated—are recurring motifs and materials in his work, through which he explores the intertwining of human and natural history and our relationship with urban and natural landscapes. Artificial Garden Rock that Zhan used stainless steels to create has elaborated the traditional Chinese culture; he wants to describe the industrial developments in the city through ice cold materials.

Ai Weiwei, "Untitle"(detail)艾未未,《无题》细节

Ai Weiwei, “Untitle”(detail)