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Process of Engergy

[Press Release]

Process of Energy, young artist Liang Manqi’s first solo exhibition in Antenna Space, will be opened on March 6, 2014. From narrative expression to abstract presentation, the artist has undergone a transformation in the way demonstrating her emotions and feelings. After finishing her studies at the Berlin University of the Arts, Liang showed an interest in installation, which enables her to create a space reflecting her ideas, and to expand the two-dimensional world in her paintings into the reality.

Process of Energy can be seen as a summary of Liang’s works in 2013. “Neng”, whose deeper and psychological connotation at which Liang is eager to dig, is literally translated as “energy” but also has the meaning of “being able to” in Chinese. It is the artist’s intention to let the audience notice this correlation. Straight lines are important elements in Liang’s works. While they are more artificial compared to the curves that naturally exist, Liang is able to bestow her own feelings upon these symbols of strict logic. “’Neng’ is in forever motion and transformation,” Liang says, “It cannot be composed intentionally. Agony, avoidance, struggle as well as resistance – these feelings are divided yet dragged by a mysterious force, which can switch between being intense, blurry, repetitive, messy or even orderly at different times. ” The exhibition will present a series of oil paintings and works on paper, as well as a specially made video and a special painting completed while the artist resided at the gallery.

Liang Manqi was born in Zhu Hai, Guangdong, 1986. She graduated from Art Education major of China Academy of Art in 2009 and in 2012 graduated from CDK’s major of painting, getting her Master of Fine Art from Berlin University of the Arts. Now she lives and works in Hangzhou.

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