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Refulgence of Solitude-Long Museum

Dates: Nov 14, 2014 — Nov 28, 2014

Opening: Nov 14, 2014

Organizer: Long Museum,ChunCaoXianFang

Venue: Gallery 3 Long Museum West Bund

Curator: Liang Qin, Ye Wen

Academic Support: Wu Yishen

Extolling merits and victories, or recording historic events by inscriptions on stones could be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty. By the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, stele epigraph had already become prevalent as a social trend. In spite of a relatively short time of stele banning in the Cao Wei Period, the stele inscription has become an important form of cultural expression since the Han Dynasty. As time passes by, along with the vicissitude of things and people in the world, the stele inscription has been endowed with a profound sense of history and multidimensional cultural connotations. Till now, innumerable literati, scholars and hikers has paid their visits to different stele sites, so as to lament the history, probe into the inner heart, or release their patriotic passion…

On the other hand, stele themed paintings could probably be dated back to the second half of the 6th century. “XuanHe Paintings Almanac contains one of such illustrations completed by Zheng Fashi, a well-known artist in the Late Zhou and early Sui Dynasties, since when, the paintings themed by stele pilgrimage have become increasingly popular. And now, Mr. Zheng Zaidong has opened a new era by using oil-painting canvas as his platform, continuing a new chapter of this traditional art form.

Written by Bai Qianshen, in Boston, autumn 2014

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