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Satoshi Kojima
Chaste as Ice, Pure as Snow
Michael Werner Gallery and TRAMPS, New York

TRAMPS and Michael Werner Gallery are pleased to present Chaste as Ice, Pure as Snow, an exhibition of new paintings by Satoshi Kojima.

Both surreal and bizarrely familiar, Kojima’s transportive paintings are fantastic dreamscapes. Rendered in dusty pastel hues with the softest of brushstrokes, these works boast a delicate ethereality that almost – but not entirely – conceals the painter’s hand. While their geometric composition achieves a Futurist and Op-Art sensibility, Kojima’s paintings simultaneously look inward towards a hazy, alien narrative, homesick for another world. They seek introspection beneath the façade of nightlife and digital clamor and grapple with themes of identity, sexuality, desire, and displacement. Interstitial and interplanetary, Kojima’s paintings balance a dollop of kink and mischief with a disquieting sense of malaise.

Satoshi Kojima was born in Tokyo in 1979. He graduated from the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf in 2014, where he currently lives and works. This exhibition marks his fifth collaboration with TRAMPS and first with Michael Werner.


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