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Simulation and Simulacra: Rongjun Dou, Sen Lin, and Qinghua Xiang’s works at AroundSpace Gallery

2014-05-10 4pm to 6pm

Simulation and Simulacra, presented by AroundSpace Gallery, will showcase how artists explored and interpreted the nature and the social environment. Different from other contemporary Chinese artists who pay attention to today’s social reality in China, the three artists focused on their refined experience and individualized landscape. Rongjun Dou’s portraits received a mysterious atmosphere from his special painting techniques; they are between the like and the unlike, which respond to the complexity of the personality of the protagonists in a complex social environment. Sen Lin’s sculptures may be figurative in details, yet they somehow carry the artist’s personal thoughts and moods. Lin’s Shuiyue zhi may be inspired by the gesture of Guanyin, which easily evokes the association with Buddhism. Qinghua Xiang captured the emptiness in the natural and social environment, both real and absurd. AroundSpace created a dialogue environment in the gallery, which not only display the three artists’ works, but also let them collide and resonate with one another, providing more insights to the audience.

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