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SNAP (SVA-NYC Art Platform) is proud to announce its’ first group exhibition, Resolution, from 2014.12.31 to 2015.01.30. Opening Reception will be held on 2014.12.31 (New Year’s Eve), beginning at 19:30, with a live performance at 20:30 by collaborative dance group SLATE + Eli Osheyack, followed by a party at 21:00. Party guests are asked to arrive in their most creative black & white ensembles.
Artists showing are Bradford Kessler, Chen Hangfeng, Double Fly Art Center, Gao Mingyan, Guo Qingling, He Yida, Hu Renyi, Liao Fei, Li Xiaofei, Liu Weijian, Miao Ying, Ni Youyu, Rebecca Bardes, SLATE + Eli Osheyack, Tao Yi, Wan Chunyuan, Wu Ding, Xiao Jiang, Xiang Liqing, Xu Zhe, Zhang Qing and Zhen Huan. This show is co-curated by Hu Renyi and Rebecca Bardes.
When we seek a resolution, we look for the answer to a tough question, the action towards problem-solving. While it is debatable to call the contemporary artist a problem solver, in this group exhibition, each work poses a question or proposes a solution.
When we talk about resolution, we talk about pixels, the degree of clearness in which an image is perceived. Here, perception is in hi-res, shared by artists working across a wide range of media.
To make a resolution is to create goals for accomplishment. New year’s resolutions transform trifles to ceremonial events. In this exhibition, mundane objects spark meticulous study and bold experimentation. The artist empowers.
-Zhang Hanlu
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