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AroundSpace Gallery
2013.09.16 Mon - 2013.10.31 Thu
Opening Exhibition
09/15/2013 16:00
408, Jiang Chuan Building, No.294 Si Chuan Rd. 200002, Shanghai, China
021 3305 0100 / +86 138 0174 3061
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 11am - 6:30pm
Jeff Zou
aroundspace@gmail.com (Ming ming)

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Still Waters Run Deep – Tang Shu Solo Show
[Press Release]

Press Release

Facing the reality is an action involves braveness and wisdom.

There are truth, lies, and illusions in this world. Sometimes a placid exterior hides passionate waves and sometimes a truth holds endless interpretations. We pursue the truth with every effort, yet only fall into our illusions again and again. Thus, we have to fabricate the so-called truth with lies; no matter it is subjective, or objective.

In the reality in today’s China, we face not only the footprint and conundrum left by our history and tradition, but the quest to our faith: do we still have a faith, and if we do, what it is? Everyone more or less encountered these questions, especially the artists, whose choice and judgment are the most critical to their art.

Shu Tang is an artist who chooses to face the reality. In his eyes, the reality is the most important, if not the most beautiful. He portrays the nature realistically in his work, which reflects his questions, emotions, and faith. He is good at capture the nature: a bamboo forest, a bouquet of peach blossom, and a peaceful pond, all hide enormous energy, which touches the audience the most. The series of Reflection is a piece of unique work, in which he rendered a real illusion, the reflection in water, using abstract brush strokes. Peach Blossom, Bamboo Forest, and Leaves are painted with bright tunes and the finest details, as if they mirrored the beautiful side of the reality Tang sees through his eyes. His most recent work, Travel Box, was completed after a long trip he just had. As he noted in his journal, as an individual human being, our body is not different than a travel box, which contains our soul, transfers it from one place to another, and takes care of it. It fulfills our lust and request, until it is worn, and abandoned. When that day comes, can our soul moves to a new travel box? Tang’s quest is the same problem that the most of us are asking, which carries our frustration about the truth and faith. Yet we believe, as long as we face the reality and stick to our faith, we may reach the truth of our life some day.