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OV Gallery
2013.05.11 Sat - 2013.06.23 Sun
Opening Exhibition
05/11/2013 17:00
Room 207, Building 4A 50 Moganshan Lu Shanghai, China 200020
+86 139 1637 3474
Opening Hours
Tuesday-Sunday 10:30am - 6pm
Rebecca Catching

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Suspended Gravity
[Press Release]

Press Release

OV sh – suspended gravity post

In Suspended Gravity two artists Karin van Dam (Netherlands) and Ed Pien (Canada) examine what it means to be an individual living within the larger integrated organism of the city, and society.
In this a site-specific collaborative installation, the artists explore material, form, drawing, space, and the physical engagement of the viewer — playfully incorporating a variety of materials such as wool, fabric and balloons and building supplies: tubes, drainage pipes and sheets of rubber to form the palette of a new temporary installation. The resulting installation will achieve the effect of a fantasy city.

Karin van Dam, “Travelling Cities Anno,” mixed media, size variable, 2013

The installation will also be complemented by a number of other works, van Dam’s masses of meticulously constructed mixed media works, “Travelling Cities,” and related drawings that are made before and after making the installation. These works imagine a city as a series of orbs, knitted wool planets stretched taught over bases of wood, suspended hanging in space, and unified by long black tendrils of yarn.

Pien’s work also involves webs — this time two dimensional — a series of 3M reflective paper cuts depicting acrobatic figures who are negotiating rope configurations flirting with gravity and height. In them we see women who seem both at once trapped within these webs but at the same time engaging with them like playful acrobats, flaunting their ability to adapt to these unstable environments.

Ed Pien, “Enchanted,” 121 cm W x 92 cm H, hand-cut 3M reflective film laminated on inked Japanese paper,2013

Pien and van Dam conceive of cities as webs of human interactions which are binding, but at the same time, flexible and even isolating — an idea which resonates deeply in China’s rapidly changing urban sphere.

Karin van Dam, “Travelling Cities Anno,” mixed media, size variable, 2013