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The Country Life – American Artist Brian Michael Reed Exhibition in Shanghai – Bao Shan Museum

“Reed’s work suggests a strong reverence for the environment.”

–The Washington Diplomat

“Reed creates with his right hand, and reaches out to your heart with his left.”

–U-Jet China

“Reed’s story is a reflection of his own attempts to create balance in his life through art.”

–Global Times


American Artist Brian Michael Reed will debutJourney Into the Red Mist, his newest soloexhibition series created in partnership with the Shanghai Baoshan Folk Arts Museum,which continues his investigatory theme of, What does the lotus mean? This is Brian’sthird major solo exhibition created and exhibited in shanghai following the solo exhi-bitions at the Shanghai Himalayas Museum of Art in 2014 and the Shanghai UniversityAcademy of Fine Art’s Creative Center in 2013.Journey Into the Red Mist will be partof a larger program titledCountry Life: Brian Michael Reed’s Interaction with PeasantCulture. This exhibition is presented as the contemporary art section of the ShanghaiBaoshan International Folk Arts Festival.Country life will include works from Brian’s pre-vious exhibitions to highlight his past experiences living in the countryside of China inplaces like Songzhuang, Zhujiajiao, and Xucun to transition viewers to his most recentexperiences with the Baoshan peasant culture. Concepts for this exhibition includeideas on meaning, experience, and memorialization. Over one hundred paintingsand numerous installations, sculptures, videos and a performance pieces will lead youthrough a young foreigner’s viewpoints about what he finds meaningful in Chineseculture.

Brian has contributed to the Contemporary Chinese art experience over his past fouryears in China through artist residency programs, solo and group exhibitions, sympo-siums and forums, academic lectures, key opinion leader positions, and many oth-er contributions to cultural dialogs through event participations. Brian is currently aninternationally exhibited conceptual artists who bases between New York City andShanghai. His passions in art draw from the experiences in his day-to-day life as hesearches for ways to create meaning from his surroundings.

Join us on October 15th 2015 at 9:30 am to celebrate the beginning of the festivalprogram. The opening ceremony will be host to a tour and talk by professor Miss Ma-lin. Artist Brian Michael Reed will present a one time only performance piece,Dancethe Red Mist, with Dance and Live music using his art works as staging. An artist recep-tion and catalog signing will follow. The exhibition will continue until November 5th2015. All activates are open to the public and welcome your attendance.

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