EX: 1/30/2012
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Enrico Navarra
2015.01.08 Thu - 2015.02.07 Sat
Opening Exhibition
01/08/2015 18:00
75, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 51 75 75
Opening Hours

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The interpreter who interrupts
[Press Release]

Zhang Lehua is the ultimate epitome of the young Shanghai artists born in the 1980s, who grew up in Shanghai and had practically never travelled far abroad. They are a hybrid mix of talent, nihilism, emptiness, hard-heartedness, innocence and warmth. From an early point, Zhang Lehua has considered “painting well” and “being a good student” to be a disgrace; he has strived and contrived to remain vigilant of all pre-existing rules, attempting to skirt and sidestep them. Every time I want to give him a few kicks, I always immediately find what is moving in him: he has kept up with his usual earnestness in “interrupting and interpreting” (as echoed in the exhibition title) all kinds of mass information, generating various varieties of the inarticulate, of self-mockery, and of self-abuse. I do not know if he is innately broken or if he had once been deeply damaged. He doubts all value systems in education and art, but I absolutely do not doubt that he has always been a serious artist. His artistic experimentation is like burrowing into one frightful cave after another; whenever he reemerges from the cave, we all eagerly await his next experiment.



Shanghai-born and based artist, Zhang Lehua was born in 1985. Graduated from the Huashan Art School in 2004, and later studied in the New Media Department of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, graduating in 2008. Zhang’s practice has included video, installation, performance, photography and more recently, painting. He is also a member of Double Fly (Shuang Fei), a new media art collective established in 2008 and active in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing.

 His last personal exhibitions were held in China: Black-Bone Chicken (2009, C5 Art Center, Beijing), Love in a Golden Bowl: Zhang Lehua Solo Exhibition (2013 Art Plus, Shanghai) and The World’s Longing for Lushan (2013, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai). This exhibition with the Enrico Navarra Gallery is his first time in Europe. 


Mian Mian lives in Shanghai and works as a writer and an art event producer\curator and a film maker. Her novels be published 16 languages world wild. Each art event she made is like her literary work, in that it always secures the involvement of pioneering ,economic, political, electronic and rock music and communities.

Mian Mian’s work and life influent very much the young people in china, who are born in 70s, 80s. She has become a cultural icon to a generation of Chinese youth who value her authenticity and honesty in portraying the new future of Shanghai. In a rapidly changing China which is in a state of violent transformation, Mian Mian is a creator of culture who uses art to facilitate communication.