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Other Gallery
2013.06.09 Sun - 2013.07.14 Sun
Opening Exhibition
06/08/2013 17:00
50 Moganshan Road, Building 9, Shanghai
+86 21 3353.2273
Opening Hours
11am - 6 pm
Huang Ye

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[Press Release]

Press Release

The OTHER GALLERY has the honor to announce the next solo show of Beijing based artist ZHOU WENDOU | THE STUDY opening in Shanghai on June 8, 2013.

Over the period of last year Beijing based artist Zhou Wendou prepared his latest project: The Study.

In this solo show he focuses on academic objects like desks, world maps and books. It is specially the print media what attracts him, the knowledge conveyed through books, newspapers and maps.

Zhou Wendou, “Hundred must read books in a lifetime,” 2013, Recycled books, Varing Sizes.

Referring to the online advertisement slogan ‘Hundred must read books in a lifetime’ (Baidu), Zhou Wendou searched 100 copies of second hand books including classics like ‘Journey to the West’, ‘Dream of Red Chamber’ or ‘The Little Prince’. In this massive conceptual work he tries to rejuvenate and question the global knowledge of modern times by recycling and remodeling them into new forms and shapes.

Based on thoughts and previous experiences this exhibition is a totally new attempt. The OTHER GALLERY is proud to present this unique project including sculpture, installation and paintings.

Zhou Wendou, “Beijing air of 2013.02,” 2013, Newspaper/wood board, 180x125cm.

Solo Exhibition of Zhou Wendou — The Study

Taking “the study” as the theme is a suggestion from the gallery manager Ronald Kiwitt. It took me around half a year to prepare. With continuous communication with Ronald, I improved all the works.

Zhou Wendou, “Civil Movement No.2,” 2013, Desk/machine installation, 185x72x90cm

Starting with 100 books, the exhibition carries on and deepens a project of mine during my PhD years at the University of Madrid, Spain. In 2001, I created a series of works about books and made profound study on the connotations and denotations of books. A book is the symbol for human civilization. I take it as material for my creation and it bears special significance.
This time, I considered the concept of “The Study” from all perspectives. It is the studio of a family and is a space for reading, writing and study. I integrated key contents including books, desks, reading, newspapers, maps, air and painting into the space of my personal exhibition to form an organic whole.

Zhou Wendou, “In fact, we live on an isolated island,” 2013, Map/aluminium & panel, 270x200cm

The exhibition space of this solo exhibition, from the form and content, constitutes a “formal” study and a “deconstructed” study respectively. The elements of books, newspaper, map, desk and painting in the study have been deconstructed into new items by layers, but will not make viewers feel strange and uncomfortable. The substantive expression between the ideas constitutes the “deconstructed” study; And the familiar external form constitutes the “formal” study. Two meanings of the study interweave in this study’s space, allowing viewers to speculate and think by themselves.

Zhou Wendou, “You never know my dancing,” 2013, Lion dancing /electric fan, 270x200cm

Study, as a special space in Chinese families for a long time, is a private space with a strong orientation. In this exhibition, the artist puts the private space into the public space that is available for visitors. And the traditional reading forms and the ways of seeing are revolutionized. This kind of digestion and reconstruction consciously formed a strong collision and interweaving, hoping to make readers and viewers rethinking the reading style.

Zhou Wendou
Beijing, May 2013