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The MOMENTUM gallery
2014.10.26 Sun - 2014.10.26 Sun
Opening Exhibition
10/26/2014 00:00
Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Kreuzberg, 10997 Berlin
Opening Hours
Tuesday – Sunday 12:00 – 19:00, and by appointment.

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Time_Art_Impact Dialogue #6
[Press Release]

Time_Art_Impact Dialogue #6


Janet Laurence in dialogue with Hu Xudong

26th October 2014


Live-streamed with Minsheng Art Museum Shanghai.


TAI#6: Janet Laurence in dialogue with Isabel de Sena from Momentum Worldwide on Vimeo.

MOMENTUM Berlin and Minsheng Art Museum Shanghai are proud to present the collaborative project: Time_Art_Impact, a year-long education program of dialogues between media artists from the MOMENTUM Collection and key figures from the Shanghai art scene. Time_Art_Impact is the inaugural program of the new Media Library at Minsheng Art Museum, which will use the MOMENTUM Collection of international video art as a basis for a series of monthly cross-cultural dialogues via live-stream between Berlin, Shanghai and the rest of the world.
More information about the project here.


Australian artist Janet Laurence‘s work explores a poetics of space and materiality through the creation of works that deal with our experiential and cultural relationship with the natural world. Her work echoes architecture while retaining organic qualities and a sense of instability and transience. It occupies the liminal zones and meeting places of art, science, imagination and memory.

Laurence’s practice includes both ephemeral and permanent works as well as installations that extend from the museum/gallery into both urban and landscape domain.

Her work, centered on living nature, bleeds between the architectural and the natural world, physically and metaphorically dissolving these boundaries.

Her spaces are immersive and reflective, creating a play between perception and memory. Alchemical transformation, history and perception are underlying themes. Laurence’s work is represented in major Australian and international collections and has been included in many national survey exhibitions.

ABOUT Hu Xudong

Chinese poet, critic, essayist and translator. Born in Chongqing, lives now in Beijing. M.A. in Comparative Literature and Ph.D. in Chinese Contemporary Literature from Peking University, where he now is as an associate professor at the Institute of World Literature. He has published 7 books of poetry (From Water’s Edge, Juice of the Wind, Amor en los Tiempos del SARS, What Time Is It There?, The Strength of the Calendar, The Eternal Inside Man, Travel/Writing), 3 books of essays (Random Words of A Random Life, the Hidden Passion in Brazil, Random Thought after Random Eating), as well as a number of translations. In 2007 Hu Xudong was hailed as one of the ten present Top New Poets in China. He writes poetry and essays but also works as a columnist, translator and TV presentor. Xudong holds a doctorate in modern literature and lectures at Peking University. In his highly narrative poetic style he manages to put across elaborate stories couched in concise phrasing. Xudong is able to command a wide range of linguistic modes in his poems. He knows, for instance, how to incorporate provincial dialects but also how to include references to the Chinese literary classics or to the idiom of the world of advertising.

Please note that this event does NOT take place at MOMENTUM Berlin. But video documentation can be seen soon on this page.

Full information here.

After the talk Janet Laurence
and our artist in residency Fiona Pardington
will develop with the audience ideas and frameworks
for their upcoming project with MOMENTUM

By Invitation Only
Documentation will be available soon

Fiona Pardington’s work investigates the history of photography and representations of the body, examining subject-photographer relations, medicine, memory, collecting practices and still life. Her deeply toned black-and-white photographs are the result of specialty hand printing and demonstrate a highly refined analogue darkroom technique. Of Ngāi Tahu, Kati Mamoe and Scottish descent, Pardington’s practice often draws upon personal history, recollections and mourning to breath new life into traditional and forgotten objects. Her work with still life formats in museum collections, which focuses on relics as diverse as taonga (Māori ancestral treasures), hei tiki (greenstone pendants) and the now-extinct buia bird, calls into question our contemporary relationship with a materialized past as well as the ineffable photographic image.

Pardington holds an MFA and PhD in photography from the University of Auckland and has received numerous recognitions, including the Ngai Tahu residency at Otago Polytechnic in 2006, a position as Frances Hodgkins Fellow in both 1996 and 1997, the Visa Gold Art Award 1997, and the Moet and Chandon Fellowship (France) from 1991-92. Born in 1961 in Devonport, New Zealand, Pardington lives and works in Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Fiona Pardington’s still live series Organic is part of MOMENTUM Collection. More info here.

Pardington will also take part to the forthcoming MOMENTUM exhibition FRAGMENTS OF EMPIRES (7th Nov 2014 – 1 Feb 2015), along with 6 renowned international artists. Click here for more info.

With the generous support of Two Rooms Gallery (Auckland).